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Rabbit Junk - BubbleRabbit Junk
Category: Electro / Dubstep / Hardclash
Album: Bubble
Stars: 4
Blurb: A hot new single that teases audiences for what Rabbit Junk hopefully has in store for the coming year.


With the release of the Lucid Summations / What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You a Killer singles in summer of 2011, JP Anderson marked the return of Rabbit Junk after a period of inactivity, reintroducing his signature “hardclash” mix of new wave, pop, hard electro, and whatever other sounds he sees fit to include. With the Bubble single, Anderson continues to incorporate dubstep styling in with an infectious blend of melodic rock and pop, making for a welcome and catchy entry in the Rabbit Junk discography. Beginning with distorted progression that sounds somewhere between a wobbly synth filtered through a meat grinder and a chugging guitar, Anderson’s slightly off-key but forceful vocals introduce the song in fine form. The beats kick in, danceable and powerful, the layers of harsh electronics and gritty vocal harmonies creating a caustic atmosphere that clashes with the song’s ultimately poppy melodies. Never ones to shy away from mixing genres, Rabbit Junk even throws in a bit of smarmy hip-hop attitude as Sum Grrl’s rhythmic vocalizations give the song a whole new dimension that in tandem with her “whoa” refrains elevates the song even further beyond categorization. It’s as eclectic as Rabbit Junk has ever been, but given that increased sense of accessibility amid audio chaos. The song is also presented as an instrumental, as well as an alternate version that simply offers a different arrangement that emphasizes Sum Grrl’s accompaniments in the chorus to bring out the song’s more poppy elements. Put simply, Bubble demonstrates Rabbit Junk’s propensity for challenging categorizations and creating through combinations that in theory shouldn’t work, yet somehow do. Few other bands blend rock, electro, pop, and all points in between so effectively and manage to achieve coherence and individuality. With Bubble being a teaser for future releases in 2012, Rabbit Junk is back with a vengeance.
Track list:

  1. Bubble
  2. Bubble (Instrumental)
  3. Bubble (Alternate Version)

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