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Queen Neon - Queen NeonQueen Neon
Category: Synthwave / Experimental / Industrial
Album: Queen Neon
Blurb: The same minds that brought you Ego Likeness branch out to bring their take on an older school of electronic music into focus.


Steven Archer describes this latest project as his “love letter to early ‘80s abstract synth music” and creates a world rich with retro synthwave soundscapes and a variety of experimental rhythms and grooves. Along with his wife and creative partner Donna Lynch, Archer does a fantastic job in giving every track its own uniquely dark electronic life, doing justice to the ‘80s synthwave sound along with an industrial mix in the traditional vein of other musical projects like Dead When I Found Her, making Queen Neon one of Archer’s most gripping artistic endeavors yet.

The album is a smorgasbord of consistently hard hitting songs and intricate musical arrangements, from fiercely mechanical sequencing to more progressive dance floor friendly beats. Yet there is still that same essence that exists in Archer’s other projects as the listener is still mentally engulfed in a Dune like fantasy about riding on a gigantic sandworm through Arrakis, but while being immersed in a unique and intelligent blend of ‘80s synthwave. Tracks like “The Hush,” “Mojave Ending Flight,” and “Flat Earth” give the album its heavier classic industrial/experimental backbone with classic boot stomping tempos and fierce downbeats. Other songs like “Final Transmission” and “Airshaft” provide a trancelike musical element to the release, but quite possibly the most distinctive track is “Dream Recording,” which begins with grim ambience and programming that gives the listener the sense of approaching danger. The effects of Lynch’s digitized vocals give the song a classic goth/rock energy that is reminiscent of old school Miranda Sex Garden and This Mortal Coil. The whole collection of music almost has a theatrical style and precision to it and commands instrumentation like breaking percussion alongside assaulting electronic accompaniment in perfect unison.

Queen Neon is a must have for fans and music collectors who follow Steven Archer’s inspirations, and it truly is a time capsule styled love letter to an older guard of music. If you’re fortunate enough to hear it, the album makes a lovely gift from the future to an empowering past sound that has inspired generations.
Track list:

  1. BMX Airstrike
  2. Final Transmission
  3. The Hush
  4. Mojave Ending Flight
  5. Airshaft
  6. Flat Earth
  7. Dream Recording

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