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Purest Spiritual Pigs - Body Misses
Purest Spiritual Pigs
Category: Electro / Experimental / Post-Punk
Album: Body Misses
Stars: 3
Blurb: Body Misses uses an abstract musical concept to create a successfully fresh take on some familiar styles.


Purest Spiritual Pigs, headed by the self-proclaimed “instigator” of the project Helena Thompson, open up a window into their first full-length offering of abstract sound. With most conceptual projects, the lean tends towards failure when execution comes into play. This is not the case with Thompson’s brainchild. The final product that she and her hodgepodge team of contributing musicians have constructed is full and rich from front to back. Taking the original five tracks from their 2007 self-titled EP, the elaboration of music and experimental sound have now evolved into a mass of 11 songs, each with their own distinct originality yet together working to create a complete set. Thompson’s vocals provide the stronghold to the music, tying together all of the collaborative instrumental sounds with her deep and ever-engrossing boom of a voice taking the reigns throughout the disc. Her style is reminiscent of a hybrid of Patty Smith meets PJ Harvey, with just a splash of gothic strain to create pools of bittersweet sorrow within the music. Genre play ranges from coldwave to gothic/psychedelic, heightened occasionally by upbeat tempo and always remaining consistently dark and fluid.

“Unsteady” has an introductory tonality that drawls along with electric reverb matching a repeated vocal chorus, lulling you into the album. Here Thompson’s set stage seems complete, but after taking on a few bars of “You Inspire Me,” you realize that there is much more to her vision than meets the eye. The cynicism that this song holds lyrically counters the upbeat cowbell-esque tempo that follows it, resentfully complete lyrically it ventures along a slightly different path than the intro track. Percussive movements on the following two songs take the earlier electric tonality down and highlight a more acoustic studio sound. The change of musical pace succeeds in strengthening the raw quality of Thompson’s voice with a minimalist instrumental backing. Here the poetic component of her repertoire shines brightest, emitting lights of sullen words mixing with insightful wordplay interpretation. Experimental moments come into play with songs such as “Three Thieves Gone” and “M.J.R.,” all the more grounded when the earthy tones of the lyrics take control and guide the music along. The semblance of disorder among the mixed genres somehow fuses together when taken in as a collection of music, and Body Misses as a whole comes together with minimal thematic disarray.

Thompson’s efforts with Purest Spiritual Pigs have come to a point where shining moments prelude to her next step with the project. The transition from the previous EP to this album shows a great sense of growth and creative development, and it’s the contents of Body Misses that makes Thompson’s work worthy of note.
Track list:

  1. Unsteady
  2. You Inspire Me
  3. Damn
  4. Shenti
  5. Burnt Through
  6. M.J.R.
  7. Three Thieves Gone
  8. Remains
  9. Picking Myself Up
  10. Blood-Let

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