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Psykkle - In the City of NodesPsykkle
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: In the City of Nodes
Stars: 3
Blurb: This collection of remixes and original material offers an intriguing, powerful, complex, and varied electro/industrial listening experience with a nicely cohesive feel.


Psykkle is the musical brainchild of Canadian Evan Collingwood and his latest release is a 13 track offering made up of five original tracks and eight remixes, making for an intriguing slice of industrialized electronica. The title track sees the band setting its stall out right from the off as the mix of melodic and abstract effects, complex arrangements, and equally intriguing rhythmic backing that builds into a meaty slice of dark, moody electronica demonstrates what the band is all about. Given that this is the track that the remixers are later set loose on, it’s like a blank canvas offered up by the band upon which the various, seemingly carefully selected participators can impose their own interpretations. For the most part, they all manage to maintain the spirit of the original while adding something worthwhile in each case and it no doubt helps that they’re not there for their marquee value or simply to inject some dance floor potential into the proceedings. This allows for a greater degree of creativity that avoids the pitfalls of similar releases in that it makes the whole thing easier to listen to in one sitting. This approach lends itself just as readily to instrumentals with “Gutter Groove” and “Chemtrail Lullaby,” which features the additional talents of Mechanical Garden, both offering absorbing and powerful listening experiences. The use of breakbeats and cutups recalls fellow Canadians Fractured, although for the most part, Psykkle dispenses with even the semblance of danceable music. Only “Let’s Play,” which sees them joined by Studio-X to deliver a punchy slice of hardfloor that’s not unlike Soman et al, goes anywhere near such realms, with a slowly unfolding sound that often takes time to reveal its true splendor. In this respect, it rewards more careful listening, but sometimes such simple touches as the guitar riffs that add a totally different outlook to the title track’s Uprising mix or the more straightforward EBM influenced Inside Zero remix can be as effective as any more experimental touché. In places, the breakbeats can sound a little chaotic initially, although the various elements always come together eventually. In the case of the Speed Limit Xer0 mix, these elements actively contribute towards the track’s nicely full-blooded feel in contrast to DYM’s Induzztrial mix, which dispenses with any melodic content and, as such, is a little hard going. Having said that, when compared with Revenant Cult’s electro/gothic take, albeit with some surprisingly harsh vocals, it does emphasize just how varied a musical experience it is. It certainly offers a number of flavors while somehow maintaining a cohesive feel, and as such, is well worth checking out.
Track list:

  1. In The City of Nodes
  2. Gutter Groove
  3. Dreamscapes from the Hive Mind (featuring Lucidstatic)
  4. In The City of Nodes (Uprising Mix by Blast Radius)
  5. In The City of Nodes (Ampbot Runner Dub by Radutron)
  6. In The City of Nodes (Inside Zero Remix)
  7. Chemtrail Lullaby (featuring Mechanical Garden)
  8. In The City of Nodes (K-Not Remix)
  9. In The City of Nodes (Speed Limit Xer0 Remix)
  10. In The City of Nodes (DYM Induzztrial Remix)
  11. Let’s Play (featuring Studio-X)
  12. In The City of Nodes (Revenant Cult Remix)
  13. In The City of Nodes (Dyskhord Remix)

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