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Psykkle - Back to Paradise: B-Sides and RemixesPsykkle
Genre: Industrial / Electro
Album: Back to Paradise: B-Sides and Remixes
Stars: 4
Blurb: Psykkle finally chooses a musical genre… just kidding!


Psykkle never seems afraid to push boundaries and he proves it again. This album has all the aggressive and droning noise that made industrial famous – it’s unstructured and profoundly interesting noise that defies all musical conventions, but it never annoys and certainly never disappoints. The female backing vocals provided by Sabine Snaps are a stark and pleasant contrast to the sounds of failing circuitry, but even the aggrotech style distorted vocals had a surprisingly pleasant timbre for an audio effect that tends to be fatiguing and irritating at best.

17 songs seems like 12 too many for a remix album, but Psykkle proves you wrong. Where most remix albums quickly exhaust their sonic possibilities or degrade into regurgitated hooks, Back to Paradise continues to feel new and inventive right up to the end. The middle of the album was filled with your standard aggrotech/industrial dance tracks; the kind of songs you hear while winking across the dance floor at that chubby girl with cyber dreads. And while specific in its appeal, the craftsmanship of the album is undeniable and clearly evident in any song you skip to.

To describe Psykkle as “genre-vague” would be an incredibly kind euphemism. In the past, some found his music a bit too eclectic for their tastes, but Back to Paradise proves that when a lighter dabbling of mixcraft is applied to a more specific selection of songs, auditory magic happens. A song like “In the City of Nodes” is an example of that perfect blend of genre-vague infusion. Others incorporate trip-hop, while some incorporate the melodic female hooks of synthpop (a la Snaps), always reinvigorating Psykkle’s sound.

While only a remix album, if this proves to be the new, more mature, refined sound of Psykkle, then this act will prove to be a seminal force in the future of industrial and related genres, all struggling to never stagnate.
Track list:

  1. Become Broke
  2. Fake (Re-Stitched)
  3. Dreamscapes from the Hive Mind (feat. Sabine Snaps)
  4. Welcome to Paradise (Lucidstatic Remix)
  5. Methods of Pain (Mangadrive Remix)
  6. Flavour of the Weak (vProjekt Remix)
  7. Dreamscapes from the Hive Mind (Sleepless Remix)
  8. In the City of Nodes (Void Prototype Remix)
  9. Adventure Time (feat. Sabine Snaps)
  10. Dreamscapes from the Hive Mind (Mangadrive Remix)
  11. Dark Day (NoLongerHuman Remix)
  12. Bi Omega (feat. Virtual Terrorist)
  13. Dreamscapes from the Hive Mind (Lucidstatic Remix)
  14. Massacre the Loved (Blast Radius Remix)
  15. In the City of Nodes (vProjekt Remix)
  16. Post Death Soundtrack – Ultraviolet (Psykkle Remix)
  17. Post Death Soundtrack – Our Time is Now (The Credits Roll Mix by Psykkle)

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