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Psychomanteum - OneironautPsychomanteum
Category: Ambient
Album: Oneironaut
Stars: 3
Blurb: Better than average ambient; the score to an unknown film.


The debut offering from duo Psychomanteum sounds like the soundtrack to a movie that is yet to be made. Although, judging from the dark, foreboding atmosphere the music evokes, the accompanying film could be quite good.

The heavy fuzz and high-pitched synths on “Ascension of the Subconscious” illustrate how appropriate the title is, since the sinister mood it creates would be perfect for a psychological thriller. The hard synth cutting through the white noise background on “Inward Eyes” sound like the accompaniment to a chase scene or a dramatic revelation.

However, this score without a film has some dull moments, like the dragging, droning fuzz on “To Dust,” and grating ones, like the crashing sound effects on the two closing tracks, “The Zenith Gateway” and “Outward Vision.” The final track is the album’s weakest, with a droning synth and occasional crashing sounds. As the crashing gets louder, it doesn’t create any drama; it’s just annoying. This musical story starts out good, but the ending isn’t satisfying.
Track list:

  1. Ever Deepening
  2. Celestial Body Absent
  3. To Dust
  4. Inward Eyes
  5. Ascension of the Subconscious
  6. Immum Coeli
  7. The Zenith Gateway
  8. Outward Vision

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