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Psy'Aviah - Future PastPsy’Aviah
Category: Electro
Album: Future Past
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Overflowing with emotive certainty, Psy’Aviah’s latest contains utterly beautiful, poignant, and dynamic tracks that help pave the way to an even brighter, successful future.


While this trio’s exploits are considered diverse within the spectrum of electronica – assimilating elements of electro-pop to EBM and even trip-hop – and while it comes as no surprise to fans that the act is all about experimentation, it doesn’t necessarily denote aimlessness. In fact, the intelligently designed audio eccentricities, sometimes blaring or very subtle, are just the opposite, positioning Psy’Aviah tiers above others lacking the same acumen. Bridging gaps between goths, dubstep aficionados, house pursuers, and more, these Antwerp locals not only continue to stay true to the self-proclaimed “open-minded music with heart and soul” formula, but deliver it with such poise.

Sounding like the patters of an advanced forerunner mechanism echoing through the corridors of a stark space station, vocalist Emélie Nicolaï starts immersing listeners into the vibrant electro-filled euphoria known as Future Past with the mournful ambient serenade in “Circles.” The angelic hums paralleled by the robotic chatter in “Paused” sounds like something from Negative Format’s Gradients, and it resonates well; illuminating a much broader range of what lies in her vocal repository, Nicolaï’s lows and highs sway with seamless seduction. Tracks like the reposed “Letting Go” contain electro-pop-esque tones and slow-paced EBM with the theme of the past antagonizing one’s future while the upbeat techno heavy trance and even more well thought-out “Look Beyond” aptly transcends it in energy and vision. Featuring former Lunascape and Hooverphonic vocalist Kyoko Baertsoen and more prominently displaying guitarist Ben Van de Cruys’ prowess, the mesmerizing and refined ballad in “Our Common Future” is something listeners will most likely revisit multiple times before venturing into the latter half of the album; the celestial chants flowing from Baertsoen longing to change the direction of mankind is tragic as much as it is erotic.

To the French duo Atrox Bass’ hand in the significantly more accelerated dubstep remix of “Letting Go” to Dizkodude’s utopian-inspired turn of the century dance celebration in “Our Common Future” to Cyance’s very down-tempo yet bass-heavy “Paused” interpretation, it becomes quite apparent that considerable effort and care was put forth into seeking out not only artists of different calibers to translate Psy’Aviah’s work, but incredibly skilled ones at that. Very few acts are able to have their work drastically re-imagined this well, which is further taken advantage of with remixes by Frenchfire, Triptone, and the witchcraft conjured up by Rootkit in the very polarizing and elegantly sampled electro/dubstep blend in yet another “Paused” remix, which strangely translates well as Nicolaï’s tone stands resolute as warfare occupies the sky. Concluding with surely more club ready staples, Dimension Flux brings more EBM flare, Amarta Project plays with IDM-influenced throbs and computer glitches, while on the other hand, the stripped edit of “Circles” creates the illusion of a very slow and somber orchestral ensemble that appropriately ends where the album began.

While Future Past serves more as an EP with only five brand new tracks and mostly remixes, possessing the ability to cover an array of genres with such fluidity and enchantment, band founder and producer Yves Schelpe has much to be enthused and extolled for with this project. Nearly a decade old and getting better with each subsequent release, Psy’Aviah’s latest endeavor could very well hallmark its ascension to the apex of electronic music.
Track list:

  1. Circles
  2. Paused
  3. Letting Go
  4. Look Beyond
  5. Our Common Future (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen)
  6. Letting Go (Atrox Bass Remix)
  7. Our Common Future (Dizkodude Remix)
  8. Paused (Cyance Remix)
  9. Letting Go (Frenchfire Remix)
  10. Letting Go (Triptone Remix)
  11. Paused (Rootkit Remix)
  12. Look Beyond (Dimension Flux Remix)
  13. Letting Go (Amarta Project Remix)
  14. Circles (Stripped Edit)

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