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Psy’Aviah feat. Ayria - Into the Game EPPsy’Aviah feat. Ayria
Category: EBM / Electronica
Album: Into the Game EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Fans of Psy’Aviah will enjoy these remixes, but with nine versions of one song, too much of even a very good thing is still too much.


To keep fans sated until their next full album, Belgium’s Psy’Aviah has released a 47 minute digital EP including nine subtly different versions of “Into the Game” from 2010’s Eclectric. When you begin with such a strong, positive, high-energy song, it’s difficult to go wrong.

Featuring vocals by Jennifer Parkin – a.k.a. Ayria, “Into the Game” is a solid dance song. Opening the EP with the original album version, with its solid beat, catchy synth hooks, and sexy vocals, provides good contrast for the remixes. The Diskonnekted remix is one of the best, keeping the energy of the original but bringing out a deeper bass and playing with some varying tempos. The Signal Aout mix would likely be popular on a dance floor, but the high-pitched synths are very typical of modern EBM. The Interface remix turns the sultry vocals into something a bit robotic at times; if you’re really into neon glow sticks, this is the one for you. Out of the nine, the least interesting is the Suicidal Romance remix, in which the vocals actually sound underproduced and dull, as they are eaten alive by what should be background music. The most notable, possibly just for the Charlize Theron sound clip from Æon Flux, is the Schwarzblut remix, utilizing military war drums and bells to turn the song into something new and interesting, one that could inspire a revolution.

Because they felt nine tracks weren’t enough, Psy’Aviah decided to include two additional songs. The Viral edit of “Wired Life,” a song that doesn’t appear to be available on any other album, is pure dance music. The music is fast, the beat is solid, and the vocals are negligible. As long as the feet are moving, does anything else matter? And finally, the last song on the EP is the Krystal System remix of “Voltage.” Originally available on 2008’s Entertainment Industries, this version takes the seductive power of the original, kicks up the sex appeal and adds some danger, intrigue, and air raid sirens to make it the standout song in the collection.

The Into the Game EP is a collection sure to please fans of Psy’Aviah and Ayria, but with a bit too many remixes of just one song, it can get old too quickly. The versions are subtly different, but the EP could have benefitted from maybe a few less “Into the Game” and a few more of “Wired Life” and “Voltage;” especially the latter.

Track list:

  1. Into the Game
  2. Into the Game (Diskonnekted Remix)
  3. Into the Game (Signal Aout Remix)
  4. Into the Game (Interface Remix)
  5. Into the Game (Misery Remix)
  6. Wired Life (Viral Edit)
  7. Into the Game (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
  8. Into the Game (Suicidal Romance Remix)
  9. Into the Game (Schwarzblut Remix)
  10. Into the Game (Slave Republic Remix)
  11. Voltage (Krystal System Remix)

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