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Prometheus Burning - Kill It with FirePrometheus Burning
Category: Industrial
Album: Kill It with Fire
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Kill It with Fire is Prometheus Burning’s strongest release to date, full of uniquely enjoyable songs that add up to a compulsively listenable album.


Pittsburgh’s Prometheus Burning – the duo of Greg VanEck and Nikki Telladictorian – excels at writing unique, intelligent songs that in the past might have been considered a bit inaccessible to some listeners. This is undeniably changed on the group’s newest LP, Kill It with Fire. The album benefits from having some of the chaos of previous releases streamlined, making each beat and synth line purposeful and strong. Whether she’s whispering, growling, chanting, or shrieking, Telladictorian’s vocals are always visceral and sincere, and the interplay between the two forces help elevate this release to an inherently enjoyable and original listening experience.

The rhythmic industrial noise that helps define Prometheus Burning is still at the forefront here, but there’s also a bit more of an electro groove to this release. The album opens with the title track, and “Kill It with Fire” is an excellent example of the small changes the band has adopted throughout the LP. The beat could easily pack a dance floor and the vocals are seething with raw contempt. “Interrupt0r” has a brilliantly sinister sing-song chorus. “We R the Gods” slows things down, and Telladictorian’s sweetly venomous vocals here take center stage. “Miserchoirdia” is haunting and the prefect lead-in to “Invisible Enemy;” it’s a slow dirge, more melodic and quieter than the other songs on the album, but no less insidious because of it – in fact, the chorus helps make it one of the standout tracks on the album. “Evilution” brings the beats back and picks up the tempo and leads into “A Living Oblivi0n,” where whispers become shrieks and are backed up by an incredibly catchy electro beat. Next, The Portion Control remix of “Kill It with Fire” brings more of a My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult-esque groove to the song, keeping it short and sweet. I, Parasite reworks “Miserchoirdia,” accentuating the melodies of the original and extending the mix significantly. The last track is an excellent throwback to some previous Prometheus Burning songs – “Tuning Out” features layers of noise and samples, and seems to offer something new to hear with each subsequent listen.

Kill It with Fire is an excellent album, a notable release for 2012. It is unmistakably a Prometheus Burning album and makes an excellent showcase for the ongoing growth the band has demonstrated. They’re not necessarily reinventing a genre here, but they are stamping their unique perspective on each and every moment of the songs they create and leaving fans in anticipation of the next offering.
Track list:

  1. Kill It with Fire
  2. Interrupt0r
  3. We R the Gods
  4. Miserchordia
  5. Invisible Enemy (V2)
  6. Tiny Death
  7. Eevilution
  8. A Living Oblivi0n
  9. Kill It with Fire (Portion Control Remix)
  10. Miserchordia (I, Parasite Remix)
  11. Tuning Out

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