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Project Juggernaut - Ink SonataProject Juggernaut
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Ink Sonata
Stars: 2
Blurb: A hit or miss mixture of industrial noises and gritty raw guitars with wailing growling vocals that lays a fair foundation but doesn’t connect well.


Canadian four piece Project Juggernaut has a mess on its hands and that mess is the band’s second album Ink Sonata. With heavy grinding and gritty guitars along with industrial noise, synths in various places, and growling mixed with wailing vocals, you’d think there was a winning combination here, but the execution is lacking. The vocals sound at some points disjointed, almost out of place, or completely lacking in rhythm, while the instrumentation sounds banal in most places, interesting at best in others. Some tracks drone on far too long and wear the listener out while others seem to have potential but fail to ever truly reach it. Strap yourselves in and prepare for a difficult ride through the proverbial house of mirrors that is Ink Sonata.

Project Juggernaut pries open the rusty doors of Ink Sonata with “God_Less,” a grating heavy guitar track with vocal samples next to shouting vocals that, unfortunately, goes on for far too long. “Psychotic” pulls you further down that dark, dank hallway with its catchy guitar riff, drums, and electronics, but the vocals fall flat by sounding offbeat and overly repetitive. “Dirty Sister” sounds like an arhythmic Rob Zombie track and kind of plods about with its crunchy guitars and vocal groans. “Ink Sonata” has an ambient electronic opening that lulls you further into the song and is ultimately ruined by the inclusion of the vocals and guitars that grind away at the ears and hurt the overall experience. Notable track “Insanity Divine” is a more general track and actually moves along nicely from drums to guitars; even the vocals here seem to fit well. Breaking up the monotony is “Dance for the Devil,” which is actually a dance track that could fit in any dark disco, but the guitars overpower the electronics and make it hard to follow the downbeat present in most dance tracks.

“Rise (Channeling Mars Part II)” ends the album with some of the better vocal and instrumental performances of the entire collection, raging back and forth vocal volleys combined with sinister guitar riffs to end the album on a better note than it began with. Ink Sonata is catchy at some points, but difficult to listen to overall and will push most away with its bland, plodding, and droning style. Most may want to skip this one, but it may appeal to the obscure listener.
Track list:

  1. God_Less
  2. Psychotic
  3. Dirty Sister
  4. Lemon Face
  5. Sahara
  6. Abuse
  7. Ink Sonata
  8. Daedalus
  9. Open My Eyes
  10. Insanity Divine
  11. Dance for the Devil
  12. Darkheart
  13. Mausoleum (Channeling Mars Part I)
  14. Rise (Channeling Mars Part II)

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Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)

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