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Programmable Animal - DrepseaProgrammable Animal
Category: Industrial / Alternative
Album: Drepsea
Stars: 3
Blurb: While small town bands are usually trying to replicate what’s popular now, Programmable Animal stands out in such a unique way that you would not expect.


From the small town of New Lenox, Illinois, a possessing, industrial, and haunting storm is forming. The six creepy-minded musicians formed the band in 2011 and has since been grinding away to share their music with everyone in earshot. What Programmable Animal creates is truly not like anything else out there right now, except maybe if one were to mash up Muse, Deftones, and NIN (the band has a live cover of “Hurt” on YouTube, which is absolutely gorgeous), and then you’ll get something that could be found on Edgar Allan Poe’s iPod.

While this album is partially songs already previously released, it still stands that these kids are in it for the long haul. The track “Please” combines a harsh industrial mood with abrupt switch-ups to a much more mellow melody, and finishing off with beats and synths that Trent Reznor himself would be proud of. “Within” starts off with deep, brooding vocals, although the entire song quickly transitions into a confusing mix of pretty sounds and emotional screams. One more previously unreleased song from this album is “Assimilate,” which is a beautiful combination of spook and seduction that is just as assaulting as it is soothing.

Front man Anthony Wonaitis does not hold back one bit as he pushes himself to utilize his full, unadulterated morbidity to help listeners become completely consumed by the soundscape. With a certain uniqueness and avid devotion to not only creating new music but getting the band’s name out there, there’s no foreseeable reason Programmable Animal won’t be taking over the world in the near future.
Track list:

  1. Please
  2. Suffice
  3. Together
  4. Assimilate
  5. Within
  6. This Is Your Master
  7. Fall Eye
  8. Dark
  9. Vestibule
  10. Sea of Drepsea
  11. Drown in Elation

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