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Professor Grim - Igor EPProfessor Grim
Category: Industrial / Terror EBM
Album: Igor EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: An embodiment of all your worst fears created by menacing drums, haunting and aural pads, harsh vocals, and dark, fear inducing synths.


Fear; a cold sweat running down your back as you hear the footsteps of some unseen creature growing closer toward you in the cold piercing dark… as it comes closer, you realize that it isn’t a monster at all and is actually Professor Grim’s newest project, the Igor EP, an overwhelming display of the terror EBM style. Professor Grim has certainly perfected the technique of crafting terrifying music with haunting bass and synths, stomping and pounding drums, and all the evil disembodied vocals full of rage and disdain. Like a soundtrack for the best horror movie ever, the instrumentation on Igor weaves together a dark and disturbing environment populated by things that go bump in the night, if, of course, that bump was a vicious scream of shrieking darkness. The album opens up with “Stiltskin,” a light string section layered on top of some dark wind like noise and the distant howls of a loon, ultimately and abruptly ripping into some heavy bass and scary synths backed by fast paced drums and vocals. Rather than slowing down, Professor Grim continues the energy with “She Speaks to Spiders” as the track kicks down your door and chases you through your house with a bloody butcher knife by having menacing and steady stomping drums and harsh chant vocals accompany them along with the sound of what seems to be cattle being slaughtered. “Jackdaw” is the haunted house of the project as methodical, aural voice like pads line up with the slow and heavy bass and whispering vocals, the terror equivalent of a ballad. Disembodied laughter from a hyena or a psychotic killer clown, depending on what scares you, opens up the further haunting “Uaiva,” a track that starts fast and slows to steadiness as to allow the listener to soak in the fear and hold back tears from the vicious assault of heavy drums and dark bass lines combined with two different voices battling for control. “The Thing on the Doorstep” has a heartbeat like intro combined with scary sounds that segue into a whispering, charismatic storyteller and drums that sound like that of an unknown beating at your door in the dead of night, one that gets louder and more coercing as the track continues. The EP ends with the aptly titled “Igor” as its menacing bass line and freakish screams throughout its intro kick into a fast paced tribal drum, bass, and synth war that ultimately slows to a crawl and back to the screams of the intro accompanied now by dreary, classical strings. Professor Grim’s Igor EP is good… very good, and evokes terror and listening pleasure at every turn. However, the biggest misstep here is the overuse of the effected vocals, making it a bit difficult to pinpoint a trademark voice for the audience. Because the effect is used so often by many bands in the genre, it may be difficult to distinguish Professor Grim from others of similar styles. Slight complaints aside, this is terror EBM done – pun intended – terrifyingly well, sticking with its themes throughout and truly creating a creepy landscape for your mind to play in. Pick this one up, but don’t play it alone at night if you’re faint of heart.
Track list:

  1. Stiltskin
  2. She Speaks to Spiders
  3. Jackdaw
  4. Uaiva
  5. The Thing on the Doorstep
  6. Igor

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  1. Mod Eschar says:

    Grim always delivers the evil. No doubt.

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