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Producer Snafu - Songs of SorrowProducer Snafu
Category: IDM / Breakcore / Drum & Bass
Album: Songs of Sorrow
Stars: 3
Blurb: This fusion of drum & bass songs mixed with classic piano ballads makes for an interesting audio adventure.


Not much information can be found on Benjamin Pena – a.k.a. Producer Snafu. This mysterious FL Studio music producer has an online persona that seems to be insecure and unsure of the world at times. But it’s usually people who have those tendencies that seem to make the most interesting art. Snafu’s musical direction is one of gorgeous havoc. Serene piano scores are fused with chaotic drum & bass and breakcore beats to create this unique album titled Songs of Sorrow. It begins with the title track, which is a lovely 48 second piano serenade, but then breaks into the drum & bass assault of “Human Drama.” The two tracks combine to make this powerful opening to what seems like will be an epic album.

However, too much repetition throughout the album drowns out a lot of the talent that can be found on various tracks. Songs like “The Journey” and “No Ifs And or Buts” showcase what is best about Producer Snafu; that is the separation of classic piano songs and those that consist of harsh and intense drum & bass. Too many of the tracks fuse the two in ways that don’t belong and many of the piano based tracks resemble each other too much. Had more of the album been segregated, the strength of Snafu’s musical composition could have been felt. “That Huge Grey Cloud Over My Heart” and “Sound of Empty Arms and a Lonely Heart” may be the best songs on the record. They’re simplistic piano tunes amid many loud and head pounding tracks, and though the titles may seem dramatic, they’re fitting. Aside from being the best songs, they may also be the tracks with the most of amount of humanity. Many of the tracks on the album sound synthetic and un-relatable. But here, human emotion can be evoked from the music. The latter portions do get away from the noisier tracks and become more of a classical sounding album. This is where the strength of the album lays.

Overall, it would be very difficult to brand this album into a category other than classical with hints of overbearing drum & bass noise. Had the entire album been classical, it would have been a soundtrack for a romantic dinner with a lover. Unfortunately, this album may be sour to most. Individuals who enjoy drum & bass or breakcore will be overwhelmed by the amount of soft and pretty ballads, while fans of classical and piano music may have their heads blown by the noise that stems from the drum & bass tracks. But if you enjoy both of these styles, this album is perfect for you.
Track list:

  1. Song of Sorrow
  2. Human Drama
  3. Journey
  4. Regrets of Dispair
  5. No If Ands or Buts
  6. Mayday Mayday
  7. That Huge Grey Cloud Over My Heart
  8. Sound of Empty Arms and a Lonely Heart
  9. Yesterday’s Melody
  10. Why Did You Stop
  11. Heartache Balled 6
  12. I Hope She Appreciates the Time, Effort and Emotion I Put into this Song
  13. Anxious
  14. Pianio 2
  15. :)
  16. Happiness Never Lasts as Long as It’s Supposed

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