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Pre/Verse - Pre/Verse
Category: Industrial
Album: Pre/Verse
Stars: 3
Blurb: The promising gothic industrial rock debut that requires a bit more focus.


The debut demo EP from this German quintet, Pre/Verse brings to the table a strong rock focus infused with catchy synth arrangements and a splash of dark gothic edginess. Though not a new formula by any means, Pre/Verse executes the mixture well and shows some substantial promise in this brief sampling of their style, but also shows that there is still some room for improvement.

With “Goddess of Seduction” and “Truth Hurts,” Pre/Verse shows off exceptional skill at putting together powerful, fist-pumping, guitar-laden industrial rock tracks that perfectly mix in haunting synth and commanding vocals that completely enthrall the listener. Things slow down considerably with “Killing You,” which doesn’t work due to some overly harmonized vocals that don’t do much to flatter an already basic track. “Lost” acts as a decent recovery but feels more like the manic side of Type O Negative with its gloomy vocals, but overly fast pace and somewhat goofy synth bridges that don’t fit with the tone of the song. “My Shadow Has a Gun” once again slows things down and begins to suggest a general weakness of the group in the composing of slower tracks that are interesting and an overreliance on vocals that aren’t strong enough to carry the track.

For fans of bands like Orgy, Zeromancer, or Julien-K, Pre/Verse is sure to be a welcome addition to their music library and definitely a band to keep an eye on and follow closely. Though the tone and style of some of these tracks are a little inconsistent and things seem to fall apart when the pace is slowed, this could quite easily just be the unsteady baby steps of a band with a very bright future ahead of them.
Track list:

  1. Goddess of Seduction
  2. Killing You
  3. Lost
  4. My Shadow Has a Gun
  5. Truth Hurts

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Trubie Turner (Flexei)

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