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Pouppée Fabrikk - The DirtPouppée Fabrikk
Category: Industrial
Album: The Dirt
Stars: 3
Blurb: “Bring back the filth and grit” for better or for worse.


After a silence of 14 years, the Swedish EBM legend Pouppée Fabrikk returns wielding the sound that made the act a legend in the first place. While the act most recently toyed with a more industrial metal hybrid sound, The Dirt shows a return to the classic form as guitars have mostly been abandoned in favor of channeling gutty and gritty power EBM similar to acts such as Nitzer Ebb and D.A.F.

The opening track, “Bring Back the Ways of Old” could very easily be seen as the mission statement for The Dirt as Pouppée Fabrikk lyrically thrashes the current generation of electronic music and calls for exactly what it brings to the table – a raw, classic EBM sound with throbbing beats, clanging synths, and guttural blistering vocals. “Sweat and pain,” “filth and grit,” and “the feeling of pride” may only be lyrics in the opening track, but it’s a theme that runs throughout the album. Roughly half of the album’s tracks are actually rerecorded early demos, so there are understandably plenty of structural issues to be found as they rely heavily on aggression and repetition; however, one can’t help but still get wrapped up in many of them solely for their energy with “Satans Organism” being the only track that may have been better left on the cutting room floor. One of the major tracks of note, other than the stellar opening, “Stahlwerk” does an exceptional job channeling the hopelessness of endless work and machine-like treatment of the working man; a classic theme for very befitting the album.

The Dirt is the sort of album that is sure to thrill anyone yearning for the classic EBM sound, but many will likely find the lack of innovation and intentional lack of polish a bit off-putting. While there are quite a few acts out there trying to harness the retro-industrial sound, few have pulled it off as well as Pouppée Fabrikk, though being part of it the first time around obviously gives the act a bit of an advantage. Though it is a mild shame that after 14 years hiatus, Pouppée Fabrikk didn’t come back with a stunningly innovative mixture of old and new, the album is executed well enough that what is old feels new again.
Track list:

  1. Bring Back the Ways of Old
  2. Bright Light
  3. I Am
  4. Invader 39
  5. Death is Natural
  6. Satans Organism
  7. H8 U
  8. Stahlwerk
  9. The Promulgation
  10. Symptom
  11. Radio Disturbance

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