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PIG vs. Primitive Race - Long in the Tooth EPPIG vs. Primitive Race
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Long in the Tooth EP
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Signaling the rise of a hot new talent and solidifying the return of one of industrial/rock’s heroes, the sheer might and power of this EP is almost too much to bear… almost.


After building up his reputation behind the scenes as the manager for Lords of Acid, Chris Kniker set out to create his own music, adopting the moniker of Primitive Race and inviting several of the underground music scene’s most creative minds to help him realize his vision. Over the past two years, the project has taken on the status of a supergroup with this debut EP being the culmination as Kniker works alongside Blownload’s Erie Loch, renowned guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite, and industrial music icon Raymond Watts – a.k.a. PIG – who already earlier this year broke a decade long silence with his collaborative Compound Eye Sessions. Long in the Tooth certainly lives up to the promise of its individual parts with a heavy triple dose of abrasive yet atmospheric industrial/rock, with just a few remixes added for good measure.

From the onset of the title track, we are treated to a cacophonous mélange of screeching feedback, pummeling drums, and glitch-laden textures, topped off by a simple groaning guitar passage that immediately recalls the best of PIG’s past. As Watts’ guttural baritone enters with lines like “I’m hopped up on hatred, malice, and booze,” and “I’ve got a penchant for porno, pistols, and pills,” the song is unmistakably PIG, wrought with sleaze, numerous self references, and alliteration. The chorus is particularly noteworthy as the lyrics take on an almost uncharacteristically positive vibe amid layers of vocal harmonies, resulting in an effect both infectious and epic. Similarly, “Long Live Death” bursts with explosive guitar riffs and skittering beats and electronics that hint at a modern dubstep influence akin to Loch’s Exageist output, topped off by Watts’ whimsically decrepit and nihilistically catchy vocals, while “Come for Deutschland” is a pulsating and rhythmically ambient track in the vein of the proto-EBM/post-industrial of the early ‘80s, not dissimilar to Watts’ contributions to early KMFDM recordings.

Rounding out Long in the Tooth are a series of remixes, with AK@Son’s Megamix being especially notable as a medley of all three tracks, acting almost as a summary or sampler of the album as a whole within a single track. The straightforward rock beat of Bells into Machines’ version with some dynamic chord changeups in the chorus, would make for an excellent radio version. The same could be said of Praga Khan’s mix, a version that reminds this writer of Watt’s work in Schaft, while Crabbi’s version concentrates on the bleakly sleazy ambience of the song that is downright creepy. With sights set firmly on the dance floor with pumping beats and glitch-laden guitar treatments, Army of the Universe’s remix is simply fun, but it is the Night Club mix of “Come for Deutschland” that stands out for its strangely ‘80s electro-pop vibe that sits well with the current new wave revival.

If there is anything negative that can be said about Long in the Tooth, it is quite simply that apart from the remixes, Raymond Watts’ musical voice is quite dominant throughout, forcing the listener to actively search for traces of what can be distinguished as Primitive Race. With the upcoming full-length album, these traces will hopefully be far more prevalent and discernible, and though they are not absent on this EP, particularly with regard to Kniker’s smooth bass grooves and Loch’s dubstep touches, they feel far too subtle when mixed with the gritty and visceral force of PIG. But that said, it hardly diminishes the sheer might and power of Long in the Tooth, signaling not only the rise of a hot new talent in the industrial/rock scene but also solidifying the return of one of its most celebrated heroes.
Track list:

  1. Long in the Tooth
  2. Long in the Tooth (Praga Khan Mix)
  3. Long Live Death
  4. Come for Deutschland
  5. Long in the Tooth (AK&Son Megamix)
  6. Long in the Tooth (Crabbi Mix)
  7. Come for Deutschland (Mary Byker Mix)
  8. Long in the Tooth (Army of the Universe Mix)
  9. Come for Deutschland (Night Club Mix)
  10. Long in the Tooth (Bells into Machines Mix)

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