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PIG vs. M.C. Lord of the Flies - Compound Eye SessionsPIG vs. M.C. Lord of the Flies
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Compound Eye Sessions
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Two industrial legends return after a long silence, pooling their collective resources to offer up an album that proves both are as venomous and as vital, as belligerent and as boisterous as ever.


What do you get when you bring two living legends together? Well, results may vary, but in the case of PIG vs. M.C. Lord of the Flies, longtime rivetheads can expect a triumphantly raucous return for two of industrial music’s most revered luminaries. While the bulk of Compound Eye Sessions was culled from sessions recorded in London, 2012, the roots of this collaboration can be traced back to 2004 with the release of Watts’ Pigmartyr album – the product of an ill-advised change in band name and mismanagement before the album was given a proper mastering job and retitled Pigmata under the PIG moniker. After touring in 2006, Watts has been virtually unseen and unheard of with only faint hints of studio activity cropping up over the internet, while Heal’s activities after the demise of Cubanate and C-Tec as a producer have kept him low yet visible on the radar since 2000, adopting the new moniker of M.C. Lord of the Flies. The fruits of their labor over the years can finally be heard on Compound Eye Sessions, with each offering up two new tracks respectively, along with some remixes for good measure.

Beginning with lines like “I’ve been delivered, I’ve seen the light” and “come turn my water into wine” delivered in his acerbic growl, topped off by thunderous guitars and beats, there is no denying that “Drugzilla” bears quite a few hallmarks of the PIG sound with Watts’ signature focus on sin, sex, and salvation. After being previously heard in a rough mix, the full venomous exuberance of the song is presented in all its glory here, and though it may lack some of the orchestral bombast that has characterized some of PIG’s most revered songs, this is replaced with a very modern flare of scathing synth textures and Watts ever playing with his vocals, the refrains in the chorus at times sounding closer to the likes of Tim Skold. Watts’ own remix of “Drugzilla” is heavier on the distortion and the glitch effects, playing for a nice complement to the original track. Amping up the energy with a caustic rock & roll riff and a steady pumping beat, “Shake” follows suit with some spastic synth and Watt’s vocal accompaniments adding to the track’s seething energy, while the Snakehandler mix by Heal and Eden is given an almost funky scat-like quality with some additional vocals and religious samples that will transport many a listener back to the ‘90s. Those who have missed Cubanate over the years will undoubtedly be pleased by “The Compound Eye” from the pulsating throbs of synth and guitar, with Heal’s own guttural voice bellowing rhythmically in a manner that will remind many of such classic albums as Cyberia and Barbarossa. “The Doll” leans more toward a heavier sound, the monstrous riffs and grooving beats providing a slithering rock & roll vibe that plays excellently against PIG’s “Shake,” particularly as Heal’s howls in the chorus make for an infectious track that will assuredly get stuck in many listeners’ heads. Adding to the album’s overall atmosphere of reunited legends, Cubanate alumni Phil Barry and renowned producer Rhys Fulber, who has worked with Heal in Cubanate and C-Tec, both remix the title track for a pair of dynamic and rather intense dance floor killers.

It is difficult not to listen to Compound Eye Sessions and not revel in the nostalgic value of this collective of industrial superstars creating music of this caliber again; full of the blistering overdrive and distorted force that defined them in their younger days, unfettered by maturity or any bogus notions of better judgment. Fans of PIG and Heal’s work in Cubanate alike can rejoice in the knowledge that nothing on Compound Eye Sessions, other than the crisper and tighter production values, has been diluted by age – if this album is any indication, both are as venomous and as vital, as belligerent and as boisterous as ever. With PIG set to release yet another collaborative album with Primitive Race, and Heal demonstrating his own prowess, both are in fine form on Compound Eye Sessions with hopefully more to come very soon.
Track list:

  1. PIG – Drugzilla
  2. M.C. Lord of the Flies – The Compound Eye
  3. PIG – Shake
  4. M.C. Lord of the Flies – The Doll
  5. M.C. Lord of the Flies – The Compound Eye (Fulbertron Mix)
  6. PIG – Drugzilla (Pork Talk Mix)
  7. M.C. Lord of the Flies – The Compound Eye (Tsetse Mix)
  8. PIG – Shake (Snakehandler Mix)

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