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PIG - Swine & PunishmentPIG
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Swine & Punishment
Stars: 4
Blurb: As a supplemental sermon to the lord of lard’s 2016 outing, The Gospel, PIG offers up a remix album sure to please those who pray to the pork prophet.


After a long absence, Raymond Watts returned to his proper place on the pulpit of pork, bringing PIG back to the forefront of the industrial/rock scene. 2016’s The Gospel brought back the familiar tropes of the PIG sound with a modern production sheen, losing none of the sardonic bombast or the licentious humor, but there was more to come – tours in the U.S. and Europe followed, along with music videos, The Diamond Sinners single, and a special tour-only Rise and Repent vinyl. Suffice to say, PIG has had an eventful two years preaching to the perverted, and this Swine & Punishment remix album enters the proceedings as a supplemental sermon to The Gospel.

Oumi Kapila’s remix of “Viva Evil” ominously starts us off with an eerie atmosphere of twinkling synths and thrums of distorted bass, Watt’s distinctly raspy growl inviting us into the album’s putrid playpen. With its sustained drones of distorted melody and synth arrangements befitting a haunted carousel, it’s an appropriately nightmarish start to Swine & Punishment. Later remixes of the track are perhaps more straightforward, with both Inertia and Mortiis emphasizing the song’s penetrating synth and guitar grooves, reveling in their bastardly bluesy belligerence, while the Swine Haze remix transforms the song into a rather caustic yet delightful dance track. Similarly, both MC Lord of the Flies and Pull Out Kings give “Found In Filth” a disco makeover, the gritty synths and syncopated rhythms making either remix a surefire hit for any DJ’s set list. Both the SKOLD and Tweaker remixes of “The Diamond Sinners” were available on the digital single, the latter being more notable for its pulsating bass line and shuffle beats transforming the song into a tasty bit of danceable electro. Three new remixes of the song adorn the album, with KANGA’s being especially enjoyable as layers of slithery synths and her own vocals create an entrancing atmosphere that cements her as one of the scene’s most intrepid talents, while Indradevi’s remix is more playful and whimsical, like a romp through a lurid funhouse. Android Lust and St.Gregory offer similarly stark takes on “The Fly Upon the Pin,” both embracing the song’s already desolate ambience of mournful howls and steely acoustic guitars, while the Dubzilla version of “Drugzilla” is a gloriously gluttonous glitch-laden excursion. Ending the album is the anthemic “Violence,” in which lush, symphonic pads, skittering electronics, powerful beats, topped off by Watts’ throaty baritone melodies; in every sense, a classic PIG track.

While remix albums are nothing new in the realm of industrial/rock, they are something of a rarity in PIG’s depraved discography, usually relegated to single/EPs rather than full-length releases. Of course, a majority of the tracks on Swine & Punishment were already heard on the Rise and Repent vinyl and the digital The Diamond Sinners single, and it might’ve been nice to hear some remixes of other tracks from The Gospel like “Missing the Mainline” or “I’m So Wrong.” Still one can hardly complain as this album fulfills its purpose and conveniently compiles those not-so-easy-to-find remixes onto a more readily available package, which along with “Violence” makes Swine & Punishment a worthy entry to the mighty swine’s oeuvre.
Track list:

  1. Viva Evil [Oumi Kapila Remix]
  2. Found In Filth [Pull Out Kings Remix]
  3. The Diamond Sinners [SKOLD Remix]
  4. The Fly Upon the Pin [Android Lust Remix]
  5. Viva Evil [Inertia Remix]
  6. The Diamond Sinners [Indradevi Remix]
  7. Viva Evil [Mortiis Remix]
  8. The Fly Upon the Pin [St.Gregory Mix]
  9. The Diamond Sinners [London After Midnight Remix]
  10. Found In Filth [MC Lord of the Flies Remix]
  11. The Diamond Sinners [KANGA Remix]
  12. Drugzilla [Dubzilla Mix]
  13. The Diamond Sinners [Tweaker Remix]
  14. Viva Evil [Swine Haze Remix]
  15. Violence

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