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PIG - Risen<PIG>
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Risen
Blurb: The Lord of Lard demands you pay homage and pray to the pulpit of pork as his latest album presents some of his strongest, most focused, and stylistically diverse material yet.


One of the industrial music scene’s most celebrated figures, Raymond Watts continues down a prolific and perverted path of productivity with his band <PIG>. After teasing his audience with 2017’s Prey & Obey EP, Risen marks the culmination of his diabolical efforts to deliver unto us an enticingly apocalyptic audio/visual extravaganza that few in the annals of industrial/rock are ever able to match. Bombastic, belligerent, and brutal, Risen contains all the hallmarks of the <PIG> sound, blending varying styles of music into a cacophonous cornucopia that is sure to shock and seduce one’s earbuds.

Blissfully blasphemous as ever, “The Chosen Few” begins the proceedings as Watts’ signature snarl seduces us into a guttural display of clamoring industrial/rock, the lyrics a veritable and irreverent celebration of sin and sacrilege. Declaring that “We don’t want heaven crammed with the likes of you,” Watts gives us one of his most anthemic refrains, along with the seething catchiness of lines like “Apocalypse for one and all,” ensuring that this opening track will be a fan favorite and live staple for years to come. Other tracks on the album continue in the same vein, like with the chanting lyrics of the Descent mix of “Rise & Repent” – a song earlier featured in a more stripped down form on a vinyl EP of the same name – bursting amid clanging metallic percussion and bellows of martial orchestral horns. Also presented in a different mix from that EP is “Hard Machine,” its fluid synth lines and vocal phrases proving to be some of the album’s most persistent earworms, the dim and grim atmosphere giving way to a boisterous chorus that will surely have fists shaking and boots stomping. Similarly, the constant marching beat in the Misinterpretation mix of “The Revelation” makes for some added menace, while other tracks like “Leather Pig” and “Morphine Machine” thrust and strut with the kind of sinister and almost bluesy decadence that is classic <PIG>. The Disobey mix of “Prey & Obey” also stands as one of the album’s high points, a more dynamic intro giving way to the song’s titular roars and demands for “bullshit, bile, and bigotry” set to an insistent and powerful onslaught of beats, riffs, and synth passages, and the unbridled depravity of “The Vice Girls” provides an ample soundtrack to nights of lascivious indulgence with its slithery layers of vocals and guitar riffs.

Of course, part of what makes <PIG>’s music so singular is the diversity of styles he blends into the umbrella of industrial/rock. The orchestral samples that defined much of his past output, largely absent from his comeback album The Gospel, are back on Risen and set to kill, but there are some other surprises in the record’s arsenal. Perhaps the most striking examples of this is “Loud Lawless & Lost” whose funky backdrop bears more than a passing resemblance to David Bowie’s “Fame,” the lyrical debauchery as delightful as ever. On the other hand, we have the somber and saccharine piano driven ballads of “When I’m Done” and “Ecstasy & Exorcism,” both drenched in ambient distortions to keep them grounded in firmly eclectic territory, the latter track eventually exploding into a display of industrialized orchestral pomp to close the record out to great aplomb.

In many regards, Risen is the quintessential <PIG> album, full of all of the lyrical sleaze and acerbic textures that have defined Watts’ work for three decades. It is because of this stylistic focus that makes it such a strong record, one that easily stands next to such classics as Wrecked and Sinsation. Longtime associates like En Esch, Z.Marr, Tim Skold, and Mike Watts are joined by newcomers to the <PIG> camp like guitarist Ben Christo, keyboardist Emre Ramazanoglu, and vocalist Anita Sylph, making for a thrilling assortment of disparate but complementary elements. Couple that with a rather gorgeous visual package courtesy of photographer Gabriel Edvy and artist Vlad McNeally, and Risen is destined to be one of the essential entries in <PIG>’s discography.
Track list:

  1. The Chosen Few
  2. Morphine Machine
  3. Loud Lawless & Lost
  4. The Revelation [Misinterpretation Mix]
  5. Truth is Sin
  6. The Vice Girls
  7. Rise & Repent [Descent Mix]
  8. Leather Pig
  9. When I’m Done [Delivered Mix]
  10. The Cult of Chaos
  11. The Hangman’s Wooing
  12. Prey & Obey [Disobey Mix]
  13. Hard Machine [Lard Machine Mix]
  14. Ecstasy & Exorcism [Excoriation Variation Mix]

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  1. Brian says:

    I’ve been lurking here for a few years and love the website. I decide to comment today, especially after seeing your review of this new PIG album. I thought maybe I was being a little over zealous when I was personally calling this one of his best to date but it’s very cool to see you feel the same. Great album, great review, cheers!

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