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PIG - Prey & Obey EPPIG
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Prey & Obey EP
Blurb: Another succulent supplement from the Lord of Lard, this latest EP can easily stand up to anything in PIG’s perverted past, delivering three classic tracks of orchestral samples, seething guitars, and alliterative lyrical vitality.


Since his return to the forefront of the industrial/rock scene in 2015, PIG’s Raymond Watts seems to be on an unstoppable warpath of activity; this year alone, he’s already toured the U.K. and released the Swine & Punishment remix companion to The Gospel, his first full-length album in a decade. Now, a little over a month after the remix album and on the cusp of his latest U.S. tour, the Lord of Lard disgraces us with a new hamstrung helping of hellacious hog love as only he can deliver, the Prey & Obey EP.

With this EP, PIG fans can rejoice as they are treated to three new songs that are sure to become longtime favorites in the Mighty Swine’s opulent oeuvre, beginning with the maliciously magnificent title track. A guttural guitar riff and a thunderous choir shouting “Prey / Obey” starts us off, immediately heralding itself as an anthem for the boars and whores of PIG’s audience; squelching and stuttering synths enter amid a divine dance beat, Watts’ hoarse baritone growls as on point as ever, full of their usual alliterative celebrations of decadence and devilish delight as the chant of “Bullshit, Bile, and Bigotry” may prove to be one of the band’s most enduring and endearing. The song is given the remix treatment with Leæther Strip offering up a pulsating plethora of EBM bombast as only Claus Larsen can, while EN ESCH opts for a slower, spacious, yet succulent and sensual version filled with tense atmosphere and slithery menace. “The Revelation” with its chugging riffs, caustic vocals, and crooning refrains could easily stand alongside such PIG classics as “Painiac” or “The Seven Veils.” The electronics take prominence on Z.Marr’s remix of the song, as well as on “The Cult of Chaos,” strutting with atmospheric pianos and belligerent synths, both songs retaining the seething insidious appeal that only PIG can provide.

Lending his skills to the EP is longtime guitarist for The Sisters of Mercy Ben Christo, while Cubanate shares a writing credit on the opening title track, all adding to the band’s rancorous ranks. While The Gospel achieved a depth of sound without the signature orchestral samples that helped to define much of PIG’s past outings, they are back in full force on Prey & Obey, giving these songs an almost timeless quality that is familiar yet fresh. As a companion and primer for the Prey & Obey U.S. tour, as well as just another succulent supplement to PIG’s discography, the Prey & Obey EP is proof positive that the pork preacher is at the top of his perverted game. Like the song says, “Rise up for the revelation!”
Track list:

  1. Prey & Obey
  2. The Revelation
  3. The Cult of Chaos
  4. Prey & Obey [Leæther Strip Remix]
  5. The Revelation [Z.Marr Electronic Mix]
  6. Prey & Obey [EN ESCH Remix]

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