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The Peoples Republic of Europe - D/sThe Peoples Republic of Europe
Category: Industrial / Power Noise
Album: D/s
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: While there are definitely hues of creativity underneath the surface of its psychotic throbs, D/s ultimately falls short of the maturity we all know this Dutch power noise act possesses.


Gaining much international acclaim with chomps of oppression and downright commanding industrial hooks since the beginning of the century, the Dutch power noise and occasionally dark ambient squad known as The Peoples Republic of Europe once again writes a prescription, albeit small in quantity but never in force, of head splitting power noise laden with violent rhythms and just the right amount of ambient nuances to immerse listeners into the grey climates of ruin in D/s. As the growing static finally surfaces and exhorts itself to shake the chain of command with its rebellious, offbeat gritty drum blasts in “Obedience,” it becomes evident of the lo-fi quality that is prevalent throughout the release. On the other hand, and while fully realizing the possible confusion induced by putting a power noise track in the “beautiful” bracket, rest assured that the rarity in “Consensual” transcends most; intriguing, introspective, and demanding multiple listens, the amount of saturated depth injected here is astonishing. Striking nerves with its religiously textured intro to the lush ambient shades of synths resembling typewriter strokes and UFO beams, all while the crunching beats wobble with deep gas mask gasps in sheer conformity help mark it as the finest point in D/s. The quirky fluctuations juxtaposed by the solemn, militaristic tramples supply appeasing variety with “Into Battle,” while the foundation trembles over buzz saw grinding, piercing blasts of doom, and the screams of people trying to escape it all in “Painslut.” While “Subspace” definitely has its sparse moments of industrial brilliance, the rampant gaudy cymbal like jangles inundate this otherwise great track with immaturity, which would have resonated just fine had it been altered or scrapped entirely; it’s a disappointment, especially since this outfit obviously has the skill to construct any sound on any degree it desires. The addictive qualities in the closing track “No Remorse” is greatly attributed to the masterfully executed decrepit pulsations, glitch combustions, and the ever so nostalgic sounds of factory workers striking hunks of metal with sledgehammers in the background. Stripped to the core of what radiates industrial essence and infrequently going beyond that, The Peoples Republic of Europe’s latest shot of adrenaline isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but it’s alluring enough, especially holding a track like “Consensual” and others that will surely be commandeering power noise rooms in the future, to look into.
Track list:

  1. Obedience
  2. Consensual
  3. Into Battle
  4. Painslut
  5. Subspace
  6. No Remorse (vs. Carnage)

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