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PAS - Flanked by Women and PumpkinsPAS
Category: Electronica / Experimental / Avant-garde
Album: Flanked by Women and Pumpkins
Stars: 3
Blurb: A massive collage of various sounds creating atmospheric entities and environments.


Electro/experimental four piece PAS is a group out to make music as abstract art through abnormal noises and unconventional song structure. With this idea in mind, they created their latest project, Flanked by Women and Pumpkins, a wildly ambient textured piece with visions of seemingly random sounds pressed together to create music. The sounds range from that of heavy wind and static to the occasional electronics to alarms and waves crashing and colliding with voices. Before attempting to dive into this one, you should know that this won’t be for everyone and if your desire is anything in the traditional sense of music, you would best skip PAS. However, if you’re looking to take quite the psychedelic trip through the artistic musings of four musicians, maybe you will find your way into Flanked by Women and Pumpkins.

PAS kicks off the album with “Electric Rain on Adams Bridge,” which begins with the sounds of footsteps crunching autumn leaves and segues into strange electronics that sound like an electricity generator. “Telepathic Rain Race” starts with up-tempo beeps and a haunting howl like noise that is either a machine humming or high pitched singing, kicking into gear with some light guitar playing to combine with the electric bass and riding through its playtime. “Incredible Day for Natives” begins with the noises of a somewhat large crowd of people talking and moving around, ultimately adding in rhythmic chants, tribal drums, and a news report like voice speaking things that go from inaudible to clearly heard. “It Is Is It?” can be considered a ballad of sorts and is slow paced with volleys of electric guitars and piano keys; its almost haunting and sad atmospheric production gives it a horror movie feel. Perhaps the most standout production here is the wild electro of “Sonic Sleighride Through Coalmines,” summoning what could be considered early ‘70s or ‘80s sci-fi laser guns and wind blowing to perhaps create the simulation of the event described in its name, though it does go on far too long and becomes tedious around the four minute mark. Flanked by Women and Pumpkins ends ironically with “The Dramatic Exit” as the album itself seems very dramatic, but this track comes across as soothing with its steady piano rhythm and odd bass line creeping behind it; easily something that could have become a film score.

PAS has created a polarizing project with Flanked by Women and Pumpkins and be reminded this isn’t a project that anyone is going to jump into. This is a project for the art house crowd who probably finds other bands or styles of music too cliché for them to really enjoy. If this describes you, you should pick this project up, play it, and dissect it to your heart’s content. However, if you are nothing of the sort, skip this one.
Track list:

  1. Electric Rain on Adams Bridge
  2. Telepathic Rain Race
  3. Inner Ear Echo Imbalance
  4. Volker Goes to Spain
  5. Electron Accelerator
  6. Vacationing Beat
  7. Incredible Day for Natives
  8. It Is Is It?
  9. Sonic Sleighride Through Coalmines
  10. Horror Noir on a Sunny Day
  11. The Search for Stickgirl
  12. The Dramatic Exit

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  1. Adam says:

    An excellent album for anyone,
    especially for the people that lack imagination or have been neglecting experimental music.
    We have a culture that is starving for precisely this sort of thing, 2012 media shouldn’t have to dwell in predictable formats.
    PAS should be on SNL and MTV

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