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Parzival - Die KulturnachtParzival
Category: Industrial / Classical / Folk
Album: Die Kulturnacht
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The operatic drama of Parzival has attempted to out-Laibach Laibach.


Parzival started off life in the mid ‘90s as the band Stiff Miners, at the time sounding very much like a Russian facsimile of Laibach with a more simplistic electronic style and a bit less grandiose scope. After releasing two albums as Stiff Miners, a new name and new direction began to emerge as the act transitioned to less of an electronic sound and instead leaned towards a neoclassical folk twist while taking on an increasingly dramatic flair through the years. This has led to a sound that is so completely over the top in its grand, epic scope and heavy handed theatrics that this latest album, Die Kulurnacht uneasily balances on the line between comical and awe inspiring.

From the twittering flutes, bombastic tympani, blasting horns, and guttural chanting of “Panta Rai,” it quickly becomes apparent that there’s nothing subtle about Parzival as this unveiling track prepares the listener for what is to come. “Kolowrath” is a much slower paced and ominous track that gives the first taste of the exceptionally deep bass vocals that seem to dance along with the full orchestral arrangement of the track. Showing more of militant style, “Ex Borea” with its cacophony of horns and Valkyrie like chanting feels as if it was taken directly from some form of dire war propaganda film warning of the dark encroaching forces that must be fought back. “Das Gold Der Partei” acts as an interesting treat mixing more of a medieval folk sound into the proceedings, giving the album a much needed softer edge. “Cursus Polaris,” though, is a mild misfire for Parzival due to it being a little too straightforward of a march and comes across a bit too much like it came from an old video game soundtrack.

Die Kulturnacht is certainly the type of album that requires the right mood to enjoy and most certainly won’t be for everyone. That being said, Die Kulturnacht is an impressive blend of light electronics, explosive orchestra, and folk style that proves to be incredibly engrossing, albeit a tad cheesy at times. While the marching percussion and exceptionally deep vocals make comparisons to Laibach nearly impossible to avoid, when it comes to sheer operatic spectacle, Parzival may very well be the new king.
Track list:

  1. Panta Rai
  2. Kolowrath
  3. Ex Borea
  4. Kali-Yuga
  5. Das Gold Der Partei
  6. Die Kulturnacht
  7. Cursus Polaris
  8. Die Okkultische Matrosen
  9. Eisenbrot
  10. Zavarakatranemija
  11. Der Schwarze Vatikan

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