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Paresis - That.Black.FormParesis
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: That.Black.Form
Blurb: This latest effort from Paresis continues along the path of industrialized extreme metal established by past outings, making it a rather inert effort that will please genre fans but offers little else.


Since founding Paresis in 2010, Simon Fuller has been rather busy building up his reputation as one of the new crop of British hardcore industrial artists. With a sound that encompasses elements of latter day harsh EBM and infusing the scathing guitars and diverse rhythms of ‘90s industrial/rock, Paresis has established an impressive repertoire over the years, with That.Black.Form being the band’s latest release. Sprawled across these five tracks, one will hear the traces of Fuller’s penchant for extreme metal with the screeching vocals bearing a likeness to black metal in particular along with some excellent ambient sequences to build an ominous atmosphere that pervades each vicious track. This is especially so in the opening “Fear” as distant and metallic percussion plays to a wall of guttural distorted noise, like entering a decrepit factory, only to erupt in a monstrous fury of shrill vocals and electronics. The same can be said of “Poison,” which has a rather nice guitar hook in the chorus and a spooky bridge section punctuated by tremolo picked guitars and howling symphonic synths, while the almost danceable intro and plucky synth melodies of “Falling Apart” hint at a slight ‘80s retro influence that ends with some twinkling pianos. The title track has a slow beat reminiscent of dub, while the sustained pads send the listener into a celestial headspace that is brought back down to Earth by searing synth leads akin to terror EBM topped off by samples from The Edge and some colorful arpeggios that create a rather fiery effect that ends rather abruptly. Overall, Fuller does little on That.Black.Form to deviate from his past material, which is quite unfortunate for the songs do tend to wallow in a fair amount of monotony, making this latest effort from Paresis paradoxically inert. Those with a taste for the blend of industrial and extreme metal along the lines of Psyclon Nine or Dawn of Ashes will certainly find this to their liking, but it does little else and doesn’t reveal the best of what either genre has to offer.
Track list:

  1. Fear
  2. Pray
  3. Poison
  4. Falling Apart
  5. That.Black.Form

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