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Pankow - And Shun the Cure They Most DesirePankow
Category: Electro-pop / Industrial / EBM
Album: And Shun the Cure They Most Desire
Stars: 4
Blurb: Italy’s Pankow delivers a genre defying album that will satisfy fans of all different styles.


As a whole, electronic music has countless different varieties and ways to describe sound. Just look at the top of every one of these ReViews and you’ll get a fairly good idea of what kind of sound to expect out of a record. Most of the time, categorizing music works out fairly well and allows for musicians and fans alike to find their favorite flavor. But Pankow isn’t like most bands. With the latest album And Shun the Cure They Most Desire, the act’s first full-length since 2007’s Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire, Pankow delivers a genre bending collection of new material on the first disc, and a second disc of remixed favorites.

And Shun… begins with an operatic opening taken from Henry Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas,” but changes gears swiftly with “Dirty Old Men” whose pulsating electro stomp sounds incredibly playful and modern, especially given Pankow’s long and storied history. While the group has always been catchy, the focus on pop-centered hooks and choruses is persistent throughout the album. “Crash and Burn” is an unstoppable slab of electro-pop while “Escape from Beige Land (MMXII)” harkens back to the sound of early industrial albums, but with one foot firmly planted in the present. The scathing anti-religious lyrics of “Don’t Follow” stand in sharp juxtaposition to the seductive instrumentation they combine with, making it sound like a long lost outtake from Depeche Mode’s Ultra. “Regenerated Degenerated” expertly walks the line between pop sensibilities and a harsh electronic EBM sound. But not everything on the record is poppy. The harsher side of the band appears with throbbing synths and sampled sounds of industry making up “Logophobia” while buzzing guitars lift the album to new heights on the massive “Radikal.” Even more experimental sounds surface throughout, especially notable on the glitchy noise fest of “Suffocate” and the expansive, classically inspired “Mortality a[RMX]ageddon.”

The second disc of And Shun… is comprised of remixes and updates of classic Pankow tracks as well as interpretations of some new songs. The remixes of the old material are fantastic for the most part. The updated version of “Das Wodkachaos” maintains the vitality of the original and the remix of “Gimmie More ” finally gives the track the sonic integrity that it’s been lacking all along. But perhaps the most satisfying cut is the updated “Me and My Ding Dong,” which will leave you recollecting the power of the original 12-inch on Wax Trax!, but in awe of this version. The remixes of new songs are enjoyable, but somewhat unnecessary. The rollicking bass heavy version of “Suffocate” will definitely rattle your bones but it won’t accomplish much more than that and the minimal electro swarm of the “No More Sleep” remix makes the song more accessible, but its lack of risk taking makes it come across as rather uninspired. Similarly, the remix of “Crash and Burn” is fun, but it’s difficult to improve on a song that already reached its apex in its original form.

With And Shun the Cure They Most Desire, Pankow has again delivered yet another album of genre defying electronic music. At times, the album is an undeniable force of electro-pop. Other times, it features a more harsh EBM rooted sound. It even features some bold experimentation with new sounds and styles. For a band that’s got over 30 years of history under its belt, it’s staggering to see the group still pushing the sonic boundaries, especially when many contemporaries have settled into a “sound” by now.
Track list:
Disc 1

  1. Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire
  2. Dirty Old Men
  3. Logophobia
  4. Crash and Burn
  5. Mortality
  6. Escape from Beige Land (MMXII)
  7. Regenerated Degenerated
  8. Radikal
  9. Kein Entkommen
  10. Don’t Follow
  11. No More Sleep
  12. Suffocate
  13. Mortality a[RMX]ageddon

Disc 2

  1. Das Wodkachaos (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  2. Deny Everything (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  3. Sickness Taking Over (Rabia Sorda Remix)
  4. Crash and Burn (Remix by Paolo.F)
  5. Me and My Ding Dong (Tying Tiffany Remix)
  6. Suffocate (Ambassador 21 Remix)
  7. Das Wodkachaos (Schwefelgelb Remix)
  8. Sickness Taking Over (Tekknoware Remix by Paolo.F)
  9. No More Sleep (Ritualz Remix)
  10. Extreme (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  11. Gimme More (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  12. A Wine Called Anarchy (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  13. Sickness Taking Over (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  14. Don’t (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  15. Me and My Ding Dong (FM Remix with Bram Declercq)
  16. Das Wodkachaos (Remix by Binary Park)

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