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Panic Lift - Paper MaskPanic Lift
Category: Alternative / Industrial
Album: Paper Mask
Stars: 4
Blurb: Panic Lift presents great remixes of one of the project’s most high-powered tracks and enlists the artistic firepower of some skilled musicians for different, mind-blowing versions.


Panic Lift shelled out its fourth album Skeleton Key in 2016 and the act still continues to power through the world of music with darkly captivating and imaginative compositions. In addition to Skeleton Key, the group released a single “Paper Mask” and added the talents of Modulate, Ludovico Technique, and Mechanical Vein for remixing to give the song new depth and substance.

The Modulate club mixes bring different elements to the song while staying true to form with the original version, skillfully working in droning bass lines and arrangements. Ludovico Technique comes out swinging with heavy aggrotech rhythms and switches gears in time signatures throughout the track, smoothly fusing electronic styles. Mechanical Vein brings the hardest and fastest rework with foot-stomping dance floor energy throughout its entirety.

This short release of Paper Mask by Panic Lift is great for fans, DJs, and avid music collectors. We can only expect more outstanding creations to come from this project as Panic Lift continues to produce music that is better, faster, and harder.
Track list:

  1. Paper Mask
  2. Paper Mask [Modulate Club Remix]
  3. Paper Mask [Ludovico Technique Remix]
  4. Paper Mask [Mechanical Vein Remix]
  5. Paper Mask [Modulate Extended Club Remix]

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