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Out Out - Swan/Dive?Out Out
Category: Electronic / Industrial
Album: Swan/Dive?
Stars 2.5
Blurb: The latest release from Out Out is shrouded in symphonic elements creating an ethereal background mixed with dark aggrotech, bridging the gap between electronica and industrial dance.


Signing to Artoffact Records, Out Out’s latest album of new material, Swan/Dive? encompasses antisocial norms of being asleep while the American political machine controls our lives. The lead single, “Shut Up” shows Mark Alan Miller stating, “Fear mongers, liars, and hypocrites claim to love the country / They don’t give a shit, need to shut up,” while buried within the mix are underlying vocals specifically telling “Fox News, shut up!’

Rhythmic sneering guitar grooves are integrated with the electronic beats, creating an aesthetic that had become too overwhelming for this listener. The roundabout kicks and swirls of the sounds brought forth are complemented with pounding snare drums fused with the digicore elements, resulting in a blistering soundscape. The intricate and sporadic sequencing distorts any solid direction for the tracks, leaving the album coming across as sounds floating around in midair, while other tracks become standalone songs beginning with “By Wick or Wing.” While good songs, they just don’t encapsulate the previous tracks and ultimately throw the ending of the album out of sync. The overindulgence of digital ambience is a bit overwhelming throughout most of the album. However, the pulsating beats combined with seething, rackety vocals protesting through this discotheque of truly hypnotizing steel sounding melodies are truly enhanced by the guitar.

Not all the songs come together for complete cohesion, coming across more as a collection of songs representing different styles, such as, “Falsified,” which seems to come at the listener out of nowhere. The ending of the album drastically jumps to a much harder guitar driven closer intertwined with scathing dark synth. Spearing distorted guitar echoes through “…and Everyone Wants to be With You,” a ballad with the vocalization creeping beneath as minimally distorted diatribes reveal anti-authoritarian disdain.

The grand result of this hyper machine driven stampede culminates around a lyrically poignant intolerance of political subversion, thus serving as a message toward progressive mindsets of the awareness for individuals to step out of the haze of the government.
Track list:

  1. Shut Up
  2. Look Up, Hannah
  3. I Think You Know
  4. Go Off the Grid
  5. Like William Tell
  6. …and Everyone wants to be with you.
  7. S.Y.O. Version 2
  8. Beat Down, Burn Down
  9. By Wick or Wing
  10. Falsified
  11. Bleak and Hollow
  12. The Overload

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