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Our Flaws Remain - Our Flaws RemainOur Flaws Remain
Category: Alternative / Experimental
Album: Our Flaws Remain
Stars: 3
Blurb: Splashes of brilliance in this somewhat bizarre package that, while lacking in perfection, shows tons of charisma and potential with the use of male and female vocals, heavy guitars, and electronic elements.


Potential is the best word you can use to describe this self-titled project by alternative duo Our Flaws Remain and potential is something that this project is packed with. The various elements here make for a compelling project and are interesting enough that after hearing you may be asking for more. The vocals of Elizabeth Borg, sometimes accompanied by partner in crime Aaron Dlugasch’s shouts, fit well here and the guitars are heavy and strong. As well with random synth noises and piano keys, there is a ton of diversity and that may make the band a little hard to classify, but that’s not a bad thing whatsoever. The wild range of influences are all over with portions of dark ambience as well as darkwave music spun into the package and further brings you into the bizarre minds of two musicians who follow no rules.

Our Flaws Remain attempt to rip your face off from the beginning by throwing out “HumanSide” first as the track features all the random elements that make them interesting with shouting male vocals commanding the song and female vocals joining in to hook you with melody. Add in the guitar and electronics and you have a recipe for a fantastic track. “New Toys” is one of the notable tracks present on the album and it features a heavy guitar riff paired with melodic vocals that make it one of the project’s best. This is also offered in the Internet Assault version of “La Famiglia,” which starts off as a speed metal type track that dips into a slower, steady pace towards the end. Dark ambience is present on “Little Whore” along with hard guitars and it is a change of pace from some of the other tracks, as is “Through and Through,” which bounces from metal to ambient and back again. “Play with Me” is sure to be a favorite for fans and will definitely suck listeners in with powerful rock guitars, sultry and provocative lyrics, and strange electronic noises in the background; the most notable track here by miles. There are also three covers of classic songs “Cruel Summer,” “Watching Me,” and “Talking In Your Sleep,” all of which recreate the songs in the band’s image and have more alternative rock style sounds.

There is a lot going on in Our Flaws Remain, but the experimentation is actually worth the risk as in most cases the tracks come out sounding out of control but still good. There is a slight dip in audio quality, however. Whether or not that is deliberate or accidental remains to be seen, but with otherwise quality vocal work, interesting synths, and nice heavy guitars, Our Flaws Remain has massive potential and it will be interesting to see where the band goes from here.
Track list:

  1. HumanSide
  2. New Toys
  3. La Famiglia (Internet Assault Version)
  4. Cruel Summer
  5. The Worst In Me
  6. Little Whore
  7. Daddy’s Song
  8. Through and Through
  9. Play with Me
  10. Watching Me
  11. Talking In Your Sleep

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