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Orpheus - Cruel Symphony
Category: Trance
Album: Cruel Symphony
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Front Line Assembly/Intermix-inspired trance that takes the listener on a journey to nowhere.


The title track for this five song EP starts out strong with notable references to Front Line Assembly/Intermix era. Strong melodies and extremely strong production set the tone for the rest of the release. The music is very mellow and sets a nice mood that allows the listener to put it on and fade away into thoughts, letting the mind drift away. As the title track transitions into the second track “Dreaming Fatali (Orpheus Remix),” it becomes clear that while the production is still extremely strong throughout the runtime of this project, the music never really goes anywhere. The beats become static and the motifs repeated again and again. Only the most stoic listeners will pick up on the subtle changes in key and melody here and there and that brings out the weakest link in this chain: the album never moves beyond the same beat and same sounds.

By the time the third track comes on, the EP loses steam and interest and starts to just create a wall of indiscernible sounds, beats, and melodies. It all runs together and the end of each song no longer can be picked apart from the beginning of the next song.

While the production is extremely strong, the lack of originality between tracks and the lack of varying song structures and melodies are enough to leave most listeners looking to cleanse their palette on something much juicier.
Track list:

  1. Cruel Symphony
  2. Dreaming Fatali (Orpheus Mix)
  3. Manpower Onyx (Orpheus Mix)
  4. Psy Land
  5. XTC

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Move Records
Gabe Wilkinson (Microwaved)

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