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Organic Cage - Kill Your TV EPOrganic Cage
Category: Industrial
Album: Kill Your TV EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A young band attempting to make up for a lack of variety with energy.


Acting as a prelude to the full-length album, Brain Surgery Machine, this five track EP from German rhythmic power noise outfit Organic Cage gives listeners a brief sampling of the act’s style. Showing an unwavering dedication to hard, intense rhythms and tortured electronics, Kill Your TV definitely proves Organic Cage’s mettle, but also shows a troubling lack of variety.

Though only made up of four tracks and a remix, the fact that Kill Your TV‘s approximately 20 minute runtime feels exceptionally long is far from a good sign. Starting with the title track, with its silly, unnecessary sampling attempting to add some much needed personality to the track, and moving into the aptly titled “Noisebleed,” Organic Cage’s tracks bleed into one another as the recycled beats and unvarying instrumentation make for a mind numbing experience that robs the heavy sound of its strength. Adding to the feeling that the EP is just one long song, the closing remix of “Kill Your TV” doesn’t differ much from the original version except for the sampling is repeated ad nauseam.

Organic Cage has obviously set itself in a direction and is stomping down a straight line, ignoring any sort of deviation from a set path. In short doses, this does offer a quick burst of heavy and energetic music, but more than one track at a time and the energy quickly drains, leaving a droning, overly repetitive husk with awkward sampling and generic arrangements, showing Organic Cage to be sorely lacking in flexibility.
Track list:

  1. Kill Your TV
  2. Noisebleed
  3. Creative Self Destruction
  4. Feind Hoert Mit
  5. Kill Your TV (Zapped by Xotox)

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