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Orcus Nullify - Orcus NullifyOrcus Nullify
Category: Gothic / Alternative
Album: Orcus Nullify
Stars: 1
Blurb: Orcus Nullify’s cohesive deficiency gives the impression that the album was recorded and mixed in a family member’s basement.


Little is known about Orcus Nullify as the one-man act, created by Bruce Wells, established its social networking profiles in 2010. Unfortunately, his eponymous EP sounds as if he has been performing for much less time. The album only has four tracks, thankfully; not much more is tolerable. The “songs,” which are more like demos, are extremely disjointed, disconnected, and jarring in a fruitless way, and unless that’s what Wells was going for, this homage to despair, sorrow, and pain is nearly unlistenable.

Orcus Nullify opens with “Numbness,” which fails to present any sense of numbness, just giving a bland buzz. The vocals are muddled and incomprehensible; the song overall lacks a focal point. It would be much stronger if the accompanying electronic noise (i.e., the backing music) was stripped all together so that one could hear what the lyrics are about (and silence can be more numbing than noise). “Take the Blame,” the EP’s second track, falls flat. It’s predictable, repetitive, and boring. The primary instrument used in this piece and throughout the entire album is an electronic keyboard, though in this track, a guitar makes its presence known about halfway through, and it does not belong. The guitar riffs are excessively loud and strip all (minute) potential. “Fire Inside a Storm” fails to present anything that sounds like fire or a storm. Instead, it has a combination of issues that “Numbness” and “Take the Blame” have; garbled lyrics, uninventive instrument usage, and a sense of having one’s brain unhinged. The lyrics that are coherent reflect the attitude of the full EP – “It seems like you just don’t care, like there’s nothing to lose.” It truly sounds like Bruce Wells’ does not care about his work. There is no heart in it. If a person claims to have no heart, or a black heart, there at least needs to be some sort of passion in it, which this track in particular, fails to produce.

Overall, Orcus Nullify is sloppy. It would be a lot stronger if it were rebuilt from scratch. If Bruce Wells planned to keep any of the tracks, they would all need to be reduced to bare minimums. This album lacks originality or any refreshing sound. It needs emotion, and all it is at this point is cold, noisy, and flat. Orcus Nullify is unsatisfying and disappointing.
Track list:

  1. Numbness
  2. Take the Blame
  3. Fire Inside a Storm
  4. Tried

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Ocrus Nullify Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/orcus-nullify
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