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Orbique - Always Now Never AfterOrbique
Category: Noise / Experimental / IDM
Album: Always Now Never After
Stars: 2
Blurb: An experimental noise experience that is lacking substance or anything to grab a listener by.


When listening to music, someone might do so for pleasure, for therapy, to bring back good memories, or maybe just for background music. DJ Orbique’s latest album, Always Now Never After will most likely fall under the category of background music for most.

The Wroclaw, Poland native Orbique has on this album created 17 tracks of IDM and experimental noise that can be described as take it or leave it. Minimal music is a difficult style to judge, and for the style, Orbique pulled it off brilliantly. Always Now Never After consists of 68 minutes that does not leave a mark, invoke thought, or cause any type of emotional reaction. The tracks are completely instrumental and void of anything to relate to. But that asks the question: what’s the point? What are listeners supposed to feel? When looking at the track listing, such as “Rain in McDonald’s,” the music doesn’t convey actual rain in a McDonald’s. The same can be said for “Dirty Soul.” The minute-and-a-half track, which consists mainly of minimal keyboard and drum & bass sounds, doesn’t resemble a dirty soul in this reviewer’s opinion. It would seem more subjective to the creator of the music than to the listener. Of the 17 tracks, only four seem to stand up as actual songs and not just noise. “I Am in a Space Now,” “Heartbeat for Peace,” “Scar,” and “Love is Her Smile,” are the only tracks that may produce any type of reaction for listeners. They would work really well as interludes for synthpop or psychedelic trance albums, but by themselves, they just can’t hold the album together.

Overall, the music doesn’t give you anything or go anywhere. It’s just noise, well orchestrated sounds that make sound effects sound pretty. If DJ Orbique is to be described as IDM, it would be easy to argue. The music, although not stupid, is not necessarily intelligent and it certainly is not danceable. If you’re a fan of hooks, large beats, deep and meaningful vocals/lyrics, or danceable rhythms, then this album isn’t for you; if you’re one who can find the deeper meanings and qualities of minimal experimentation, then give this album a try.
Track list:

  1. With You
  2. Rain in McDonald’s
  3. Beverly Hills 90210
  4. I Am in a Space Now
  5. Lost in You (Synergy77)
  6. Tar
  7. Dirty Soul
  8. Going Down
  9. Merry X-Mass Distortion
  10. Heartbeat for Peace
  11. Cztery Chwile (Four Moments)
  12. No Undo
  13. Soahc
  14. Scar
  15. Love is Her Smile
  16. Last Look
  17. Simple

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Grant V. Ziegler (GVZ)

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