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Orange Sector - Krieg & Frieden
Orange Sector
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: Krieg & Frieden
Stars: 3
Blurb: German EBM veterans bring their sound to American audiences for the first time.


In spite of their long and prolific history, Orange Sector is a name even the most diehard fans of EBM may be utterly unfamiliar with. Formed in Hannover, Germany in 1992 by Martin Bodewell and Lars Felker, Orange Sector began their lengthy run with a self-released cassette demo that same year, The War Comes Home. The band quickly found a home with the legendary record label Zoth Ommog and released their first full-length album, Faith in 1993. Other records quickly followed and the group found itself enjoying underground success in their native land. By the late ‘90s, Felker left the group and Bodewell continued the project for a time, releasing softer and more melodic music that reputedly did not sit well with the band’s early audiences. Around 2005, Felker returned to Orange Sector and the band resuscitated its original sound and style, steadily building a new following ever since. Their newest release, Krieg & Frieden is their first for the American label Metropolis. Meaning “war and peace,” the album is a gratifying example of electronic body music that’s less imitative and truer to form than many of their contemporaries.

Kicking the record off is “Angst,” a comparatively subdued track that steadily builds in force and presents a very layered and intricate number. Title track “Krieg Und Frieden” capitalizes on the slow build of “Angst” and shows off the band’s more traditional roots. Thick bass lines, sirens and hammering drums characterize this track, and much of this record as a whole. The pace and intensity abate with the welcome arrival of “Veloren,” a musically introspective track very much in the vein of the calmer moments of Armageddon Dildos’ Lost. “I Hate You” is Krieg & Frieden’s singular song in English, and without a doubt the most silly moment on the whole record. With chants of “I fucking hate you!,” this writer can’t help but wonder if Orange Sector decided to try their hand at a risque and “controversial” track for the American club scene. Now that their music is available through the largest EBM-friendly label on the planet, that suspicion may eventually prove correct. Overall, “I Hate You” isn’t a bad song, but there is something a little embarrassing about 40-year-old men resorting to such bald measures to get their point across. Throughout Krieg & Frieden the production quality is top notch, and each song has a number of variances and layers of programming that attest to Orange Sector’s aptitude for mixing and matching a great number of a different sounds and sequences. The disc has an equal tendency to get a bit stale at times as it runs with the loops of these creations a bit too far, but that also gets canceled out by the album’s playing time. At a little over half an hour, most songs fall in the two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half minute range.

While this record certainly won’t put Orange Sector in the pantheon of extraordinary industrial music acts, it does give exactly what fans of old-school EBM crave, and gives newcomers to the group a competent introduction.
Track list:

  1. Angst
  2. Krieg und Frieden
  3. Endzeit
  4. Verloren
  5. I Hate You
  6. Das Gute Ist Das Böse Daran
  7. Feuerläufer
  8. Kompass
  9. Ein Neues Kleid
  10. Tribal Warfare
  11. Angst (Phobie Mix)
  12. Ein Neues Kleid (Trag Das Kleid Im Club Mix)

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