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Omega Project 3 - HopeOmega Project 3
Category: Classical / Electronic / Ambient
Album: Hope
Stars: 4
Blurb: Classical minimalism and haunting electronic arrangements come together in a confluent symphony of sound to tell a surreal story of hope and adventure, written within the music itself.


Omega Project 3 is an audiovisual musical project hailing from Greece that draws from elements of electro, folk rhythms, jazz, ambient, and experimental to create atmospheric soundscapes provided by minimalistic piano riffs and spellbinding cello and violin melodies. OP3’s artistic vision is to create a unique conceptual experience by combining different forms of art. Hope is a profound and enchanting concept album based on a story written by Dimitris Mitropapas about a girl named Melanie who wakes up in a strange room in a futuristic and surreal world, and the instrumental songs are the soundtrack to her tale as she struggles with her thoughts and emotions in that world while working to connect the dots on how she got there, and most importantly, how to get back to her own reality. OP3 tells of a different enthralling chapter in Melanie’s experience with each wonderfully mixed and mastered track. The approach to most songs is loyal to classical minimalism with subtle electronic hints and arrangements, and that can be appreciated most in tracks like “Brightest Light” and “Getaway.” Other songs take on more complex forms and delve into more electronic musical styles and compositional structure, like “Absential Existance” and “Melanie’s Theme.” Hope is a fantastic and innovative concept album and a tour-de-force of many creative multimedia elements that come together remarkably to tell a mesmerizing and captivating musical tale with brilliantly arranged accompaniments that are almost cinematic in style. OP3 is constantly becoming a stronger presence in the musical and artistic community and this is a definite indication that the best is yet to come.
Track list:

  1. Hope
  2. Brightest Light
  3. Home Is Where I Am
  4. A Step Closer
  5. Getaway
  6. Absential Existence
  7. Melanie’s Theme
  8. The Shift
  9. Shelter
  10. Where the End Begins

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