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Omega Lithium - KinetikOmega Lithium
Category: Gothic / Industrial / Metal
Album: Kinetic
Stars: 3
Blurb: Solid gothic metal from Croatia, with potential for greatness.


Croatia’s Omega Lithium call themselves goth metal, but only a few tracks on this album, like the heavy pulsing guitars on “I Am God” and the pounding drums and pulsing rhythm on “Cut Forget,” warrant that label. The rest is more gothic/industrial rock, which, while there are many standout moments, lacks the sweeping grandiosity of metal.

The album’s weaker spots are the result of excessive ambition, which, while a trademark of metal, too often results in a mess rather than memorable music. On “Cut Forget,” vocalist Mya Mortensen attempts a more metal-style vocal by shouting the lyrics in the verses. As the chorus and other songs demonstrate, Mortensen is a strong and highly capable gothic singer, but she’s out of her depth when trying to scream, and it shows. “Colossus” and “Breaking,” despite heavy guitars (Malice Rime’s riffs are among the band’s greatest assets) and good main melodies, feature frequent and abrupt tone changes, causing the rhythm to lumber rather than flow. “Salvation Refused” adds a piano into the mix, which has an intriguingly different sound at first, but ends up dragging down the driving hardness of the chorus.

These examples of misplaced ambition are all the more glaring because of the promise the band shows. The flaws ruin otherwise melodic yet heavy rock songs, and two very bright spots illustrate immense talent. “I Am God” is an exceptional example of gothic metal, with heavy fuzz and driving guitars (including a classic-style solo in the middle), Mortensen’s hard-edged melodious vocals, and a rhythmic chant in the chorus. “Strip Me” has the makings of a goth rock classic, from the atmospheric electronic intro to the dark melody to a chorus whose lyrics, “Strip me, tear me apart, break me right from the start,” could get a crowd singing along. Omega Lithium is a good gothic rock band, and, when in their element and don’t stray into unnecessary experimentation, is truly great.

Track list:

  1. Colossus
  2. Dance with Me
  3. Strip Me
  4. Time of Change
  5. Kinetic
  6. Salvation Refused
  7. I Am God
  8. Breaking
  9. Cut Forget
  10. Wind
  11. Pjesma

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