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Category: Industrial / Noise
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Blurb: A form of experimental and noisy industrial music not often heard in the modern era, from one of the genre’s pioneers.


If one were to listen to the industrial music of three decades ago and compare it to what is often considered industrial today, the differences would be so staggering that the two would bear little if any resemblance to each other. Since the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, industrial music has undergone so many alterations in sound and attitude, transforming from an experimental statement of unorthodox instrumentation and musicality to an almost microcosmic reflection of the formulaic mainstream. Since 1984, Sascha Konietzko has gone through a similar transition as he has taken KMFDM and his various projects through the landscape of underground musical styles; yet, in all that time, he has never released a solo record… until now. While every one of his past releases involved a number of collaborators, OK•ZTEIN•OK is pure unadulterated Sascha Konietzko. With PROLET•KULT, listeners are treated to six tracks that recall the early experimental spirit of industrial, the likes of which haven’t been heard from Konietzko since the earliest KMFDM releases like OPIUM and What Do You Know, Deutschland?.

Listeners searching for some danceable industrial rock with commercial slogans and political irony along the lines of KMFDM or even Excessive Force will be disappointed with PROLET•KULT. From the synthesized static charges and growls overtop a sparse and slow beat on “664-668” to the repetitions of offbeat electronic distortions and metallic clamor on “O.T.2.0” and even to the funky bass guitar offset by atonal synthesizer loops on “MAO ART,” OK•ZTEIN•OK is old-school industrial from one of the genre’s pioneering talents. Gone are the chugging guitar riffs that dominate much of Konietzko’s primary outlet, replaced by a more abstract and minimalist mix of atonal melody, noise, and sound collage, especially evident on the album’s de facto title track, “PROLETARSKAYA KULTURA,” on which a ghostly vocoder voice slithers beneath scathing samples and slowed breakbeats. Written, produced, and performed entirely by Sascha Konietzko, OK•ZTEIN•OK presents rivetheads with an experimental and noisy form of music that isn’t often heard in the modern era, making PROLET•KULT an occasionally difficult yet always intriguing listen.
Track list:

  1. 664-668
  3. O.T.2.0
  4. MAO ART
  6. STOP!

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