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Obszön Geschöpf - Highway of HorrorsObszön Geschöpf
Category: Industrial / Metal / EBM
Album: Highway of Horrors
Stars: 3
Blurb: While some may argue that, at times, the vocals weaken it, at the foundation of this latest release rests a slew of consistently infectious tracks that blend industrial, metal, and other genres waiting to be resurrected over and over again.


Scattered blood, half-eaten brains, relentless zombies, deranged surgeons performing lobotomies and other gore-related obscenities are all things that are difficult to not imagine while taking in this ferocious concoction by the French EBM-turned-industrial/metal act led by Remzi Kelleci. Highway of Horrors, just as the title implies, makes stops through the road less traveled with roaring metal riffs, entrancing harsh EBM, and a few unexpected surprises that work quite well. Kelleci’s pervasive cryptic growls are like a double-edged sword – done so in a manner that spans from sounding like a teenage metalhead to a seasoned musician, which conceivably has the potential to leave one slightly puzzled and wondering its intent. Whether or not listeners weigh his vocals as being close to or nailing “top tier” status, there’s no denying that this trip satiates the darkest cravings as the eclectic sound is reminiscent of Slayer to Rammstein to Hocico and the like.

“Human Beast” paves the way with early EBM palpitations and confrontational metal riffs, evoking listeners to simultaneously bob theirs heads vigorously and stomp the worn dance floor; it quite possibly holds the promise of becoming a common request for DJs. Intermittent screams of the innocent and murmurs from a news reporter describing dismembered and cannibalized college co-eds are heard amid submerged vocals in “Two Headlights Appear on the Road to the Carnival,” all entwined with aggrotech-esque samples and prevalent chord snarls that are impossible to ignore as it climatically evolves into an interminable monstrous commotion. “Highway of Horror” and “How I Eat Your Mother” both carry all of the tools for solid, club-ready staples that leave all victims pulsating in a state of hypnosis with haunting electronic loops and sadistic chops. Easily the most audacious track, “Slasher’s Night” introduces old-school hip-hop beats that surprisingly stalk in accordance with the deep guitar grinding, but the cacophonous vocals almost give it a degenerate quality; Kelleci really does go all-out with this crossover track as it closes in a down-tempo, jazz-influenced tranquility while a psychopath describes his heightened state of paranoia.

Midway through, starting with the screechy intro in “Sleazy Man,” the album makes a noticeable shift to what the act is now best known for: great metal spliced with slight traces of electronic elements. The faint melodic synths dissolving underneath the throbbing percussion and piercing pleads to resurrect something that probably shouldn’t be walking this planet again in “Insane Impulse” gives this album the much needed transition to prepare for the memorable wailing solo in “Easy Ride Corpse” and quintessential merciless heavy metal tempo held by “Dead and Buried.” If you find your endorphin-boosted self shouting along with the final track, then you’re probably right at home with the hectic and fun reanimation of Judas Priest’s “Painkiller.”

Accepting the risk that some may be deterred by the occasional vocal dissonance, Obszön Geschöpf’s latest trek – ephemerally revisiting past EBM ventures and incorporating risky sounds, all while maintaining the much appreciated thrash and metal backbone – has much to be extolled for, as Kalleci makes it well known that he is not a backseat breed of musician who is afraid of attempting something new.
Track list:

  1. Human Beast
  2. Two Headlights Appear on the Road to the Carnival
  3. Highway of Horrors
  4. How I Eat Your Mother
  5. Slasher’s Night
  6. Bloody Black Skin
  7. Sleazy Man
  8. Insane Impulse
  9. Easy Ride Corpse
  10. Dead and Buried
  11. Curse with a Teenager Slut
  12. Painkiller

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