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NZ - Raw and PureNZ
Category: EBM
Album: Raw and Pure
Stars: 1
Blurb: Imitation to the point of outright copying of every element of Nitzer Ebb’s style from the early-to-mid ‘80s makes for an EP that simply had to be a lark.


It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so one could argue that upon seeing the cover art and listening to Austrian act NZ’s Raw and Pure EP that the band is paying Nitzer Ebb the highest possible compliment. However, this writer would argue that given that an entire genre of music has practically grown around Nitzer Ebb’s influence, with numerous bands adopting the seminal act’s punkish mix of aggressive beats, catchy synth loops, and shouted phrases and manifestos and even developing more intricate and varied styles around it, the music world is well past the need for such blatant imitations to occur. Be that as it may, Raw and Pure is ever bit a carbon copy of Nitzer Ebb’s That Total Age era, from its red, black, and white color scheme right down to the font used; and then there’s the music.

Thankfully, the four tracks on this EP are rather short, never even reaching the four minute mark. From the opening acidic synth loop and caustic drum machine with clanging accompaniment, complete with shouted lyrics repeating the song’s title, “Terror for Money” has all of the hallmarks of the early Nitzer Ebb sound. There’s not much else to be said as the rest of the EP follows in the same pattern, from “Your Pure Heart” to the grunts of “What’cha want to do” and “Get on with it” in “Trigger Me,” and “Russian War” ends Raw and Pure with just a few samples of machine guns in response to shouts of “Machine guns” and “Guns and machines.” In all honesty, one has to ask NZ if this was intended as a serious musical effort, because it would be laughable in its all-too-obvious nods to one of EBM’s founding acts; this has to have been a mere lark, for even with Spetsnaz’s Pontus Stålberg mastering, NZ’s Raw and Pure is an otherwise damnable rip-off whose only purpose can be to fulfill the nostalgic needs of rivetheads trapped in 1986.
Track list:

  1. Terror for Money
  2. Your Pure Heart
  3. Trigger Me
  4. Russian War

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