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Nyxx - Voodoo (Single)Nyxx
Category: Synthpop / Electro-pop / Goth
Album: Voodoo (Single)
Blurb: Broodingly bubblegum and gleefully gothic, the latest single from dark pop artist Nyxx features a more successful partnership with Aesthetic Perfection.


Named for the Greek goddess of night and hailing from Los Angeles, Nyxx has been steadily making waves as a strangely enticing amalgam of saccharine pop and dark atmospheres. With a series of single tracks and the Nightmare EP of 2016, her output has been sparse, but has shown her to be an adventurous and visually striking entity that would almost seem like some lurid and gothic mutation of Britney Spears meshed with The Birthday Massacre’s Chibi. Having appeared on the Rhythm + Control single in 2017, Aesthetic Perfection’s Daniel Graves seems to have taken Nyxx under his wing in an effort not only to fine tune her own abilities, but to also establish a firmer presence of his own in the pop realm he’s been leaning toward on his later output with the Voodoo single being the pair’s latest collaboration. Though slower in tempo, the song seems to act, at least sonically, as a companion to “Rhythm + Control” as Graves employs the same vocoder effect on the refrain of “That girl is psycho,” which would be catchy if not for the incessant repetitions getting old more than halfway through the song. Thankfully, that doesn’t hurt “Voodoo” too much as the rubbery electronic bass line and insistent dance beat complete with cowbells strut beneath Nyxx’s throaty voice, the chorus enhanced by a twinkling synth arpeggio that is actually quite nice while her darkly pop melodies hit the right balance of bubblegum sweetness and the kind of witchy garishness one would expect in the goth/industrial genre. Graves can be heard in a low baritone accompaniment that adds depth to her voice in the chorus, while he steals the spotlight for a bridge section that allows him to show off his own prowess… and for the most part, it works. Given the dubious quality of his primary outlet, I dare say his talents would be better served from the sidelines with Nyxx taking the lead. Also included on the single is a remix from regular Nyxx collaborator Danny Armand, speeding the tempo up for a more danceable EDM version, although the increased speed does tend to make the spoken pre-chorus interludes sound awkward. As a new single from Nyxx, Voodoo is as good as any of her past releases and does beg the question as to when, if ever, will her audience be granted the pleasure of a new EP or, better yet, a full-length album.
Track list:

  1. Voodoo (feat. Aesthetic Perfection)
  2. Voodoo [Danny Armand Remix]

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