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Category: Industrial
Album: Excessive Exposure
Stars: 3
Blurb: Short of surprises but big on beats, if you know Noisuf-X then you already know this album.


The power noise side project of X-Fusion returns with its fourth album, Excessive Exposure. Acting as an even more dance focused outlet to X-Fusion’s comparatively more subdued electro work, Noisuf-X is a straightforward, and much less complex project that is about as subtle and delicate as a bomb in its all-out beat assault.

As to be expected from the genre, Noisuf-X is a heavy beat, dance centered work that is not exactly an emotionally rich or deep experience. However, much to Noisuf-X’s credit, Excessive Exposure manages to keep things interesting with unique concepts and a series of clever sampling choices. For example, “All Systems Go” takes on a cute retro science fiction vibe and “Please Hang Up” uses a bevy of phone based samples, from vibrating phone sounds to disconnected line notifications. Though tracks such as these offer some much needed personality to the incessant assault of driving bass, their amusing nature leaves them perilously balanced on the line of being cheesy, which may make them hard for some to enjoy. Meanwhile, other tracks like “Beatz & Bass” and “Hans Dampf” are just extraordinarily generic, feeling like products of a dance floor assembly line.

Amongst the various power noise outfits out there, Noisuf-X continues to prove to be amongst the top tier, but this is also an album that, even with only a passing familiarity with Noisuf-X’s work, you already know exactly what you’re getting. Though short on surprises and feeling a bit overly recycled at times, Excessive Exposure is sure to see heavy rotation in many a DJ’s set list. This is an album that’s designed to be catchy and get a body moving, which it definitely succeeds at, but those looking for something new or innovative should looks elsewhere.
Track list:

  1. All Systems Go
  2. Deutschland braucht Bewegung
  3. Please Hang Up
  4. Aggrophil
  5. Excessive Exposure
  6. I Am Watching You
  7. Hans Dampf
  8. White Noise
  9. Fucking Invective
  10. Rapture (Holy Shit Mix)
  11. Beatz & Bass
  12. Effeccctt
  13. Fire (C6 Tribute)
  14. Shut Up

Noisuf-X Website http://www.noisuf-x.com
Noisuf-X MySpace http://www.myspace.com/noisufx
ProNoize / Dark Dimensons Website http://www.darkdimensions.de
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