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Noisuf-X - Dead End DistrictNoisuf-X
Category: Industrial
Album: Dead End District
Stars: 3
Blurb: The latest entry in the Noisuf-X beat chronicles shows a continued commitment to a well worn path.


X-Fusion’s Jan L. returns with another entry in his power noise side project Noisuf-X. The project’s fifth full-length album and third in as many years, Dead End District does little to divert from its tried and true formula. The now familiar assault of dance floor friendly beats and continued sense for strong, infectious hooks are in full effect, but it all may be a bit too familiar for those who know the previous albums.

Apparently well aware of the effectiveness of his own formula, Jan L. seems to be having some fun with his critics and his fans with the songs “Clubhit,” which certainly lives up to its name and the title, and “Done in 15 Minutes,” which sounds like a tongue in cheek response to a negative review. Other tracks like “Shout Loud” and “Murderhouse” are effectively built around their namesake samples, adding a sinister vibe to the steady pounding beat. While much of the album is predictable, there is one significant surprise that shows perhaps Noisuf-X is making some effort to break out of its mold. Though the track comes across as a bit dopey and still relies heavily on a pounding beat, “Future Ska” shows a surprising level of daring as it lives up to its name, mixing classic Jamaican styled ska rhythms and horns with the heavy blasting synths and gritty drums of a typical Noisuf-X track, making for one of the most interesting tracks in the project’s history.

Apart from “Future Ska,” there isn’t much else to be said about Dead End District that hasn’t already been said about Noisuf-X’s work in general. With its strong beat and catchy hooks that work to drive each track’s featured set of samples into your head, the album is sure to find tons of rotation in clubs and is sure to back a dance floor or two. Jan L. continues to show his finger is firmly planted on the pulse of the clubs. However, those who have purchased Noisuf-X’s previous work pretty much know exactly what they’re getting with Dead End District and may very well find little to no reason to dive into another Noisuf-X album when the previous entries will satisfy the same craving just as well.
Track list:
Disc 1: Standard Edition

  1. Stay Still
  2. Clubhit
  3. Es Wird Brennen…
  4. Done in 15 Minutes
  5. Strange Signal
  6. First Time Optimistic
  7. Shout Loud
  8. Fulfill Its Promise
  9. Wir Fühlen Den Krach
  10. Future Ska (Featuring Population)
  11. What
  12. HiFi
  13. MurderHouse

Disc 2: Limited Edition

  1. Genesis
  2. Kill a Brain
  3. Done in 15 Minutes (Club Mix)
  4. Hexensabbat
  5. I Don’t Trust You
  6. Everyone Here is Mad

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