Jun 2011 20

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Noblesse Oblige
Category: Synthpop
Album: The Great Electrifier/Beck and Call (Single)
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: The avant-garde pop duo’s new single highlights their more club-oriented side.


Fans of Noblesse Oblige’s previous work won’t be too surprised by their digital single debut for Metropolis Records; featuring two original songs from their third album, Malady, as well as eight remixes, it highlights the more club-ready side of the duo’s stylish but avant-garde blend of synthpop, post-punk, and cabaret. “The Great Electrifier” is suffused with understated cool, with lead vocalist Valerie Renay delivering a disaffected patter over producer Sebastian Lee Philipp’s acoustic guitar and quiet pop rhythm, while “Beck and Call” is Joy Division by way of Brechtian cabaret, Philipp crooning airily over insistent, affected and effects-laden acoustic strumming. The remixes are by and large dance-ready minimalism, with Renay and Philipp themselves contributing a disco-strings-and-electronic-beeps mix of “The Great Electrifier” and Funker Vogt offering an EBM-flavored but surprisingly subtle mix of “Beck and Call.” The rest of the remixes range from moody house as on Dunwich’s remix of “The Great Electrifier,” to robotic old-school electro as on Lucas Croon’s version of the same song. All are solid, but none particularly stand out, especially in comparison to the full-length album itself, which is drenched in artsy, Crowley-inspired mysticism. For the club DJ and the long-time Noblesse Oblige fan, this is good stuff, but newcomers to the project would be better served by the stylistic diversity on the album proper.
Track list:

  1. The Great Electrifier
  2. Beck and Call
  3. The Great Electrifier (Noblesse Oblige Club Mix)
  4. Beck and Call (Eric D. Clark Remix)
  5. Beck and Call (Funker Vogt Remix)
  6. The Great Electrifier (Dunwich Remix)
  7. Beck and Call (Spidersleg Remix)
  8. The Great Electrifier (Lucas Croon Remix)
  9. Beck and Call (Randy Twigg Remix)
  10. The Great Electrifier (Toulouse Lox Trax Remix)

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