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Nitro/Noise - Total NihilismNitro/Noise
Category: Industrial / Metal / EBM
Album: Total Nihilism
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Death metal vocals and dancing come together in a way many may have never thought possible.


From Montreal, Quebec, something wicked this way comes. Nitro/Noise is a full on industrial audio assault from Canada. Consider the music to be a gun and the lyrics to be bullets because Nitro/Noise’s music is a beautiful shot to the head. The band’s latest album, Total Nihilism fuses two of the fiercest styles of music into one and makes an outstanding piece of work. The word epic is overused, but it is appropriate for this album as the death metal vocals laden over the intense EBM beats come together to create something extraordinary.

Nitro/Noise pulls no punches as the opening track instantly blows you away. “Killer Fueled Machine” throws you into the Nitro/Noise world as the blend of harsh death metal growls and dramatic synths grab your attention and get you dancing or moshing. Even if you’re not one for growling vocals, give it a chance because they actually do fit the music. “Synchronized Beat Fuck” could be entered into a Combichrist sound-alike competition, and that’s a compliment. The big difference between this and Combichrist, though, is the evident usage of guitars. Together, the siren like synths and ripping guitars create a stomp friendly atmosphere on the dance floor. The next track, “Built for War” is one of the strongest tracks on the album, exemplifying Nitro/Noise’s strengths –pulsating synths, shredding guitars, and overwhelming yet complementary snarling vocals. With these three elements utilized together as one, you can truly comprehend why Nitro/Noise will be a force in the industrial and metal scenes in the near future.

The entire album remains strong except for a couple of tracks. The instrumental “Drill” doesn’t belong on Total Nihilism. With such strength in dramatic and powerful vocals and music, why tone it down? Maybe it was meant to be an interlude, but it only distracts from the rest of the album. Also, “Genesis” and “Warcry” are very timidly paced songs that miss the mark with “Warcry” being a good floor killer for the album, but musically, it doesn’t hold up to the rest. Unfortunately, the remixes didn’t do the originals any justice. In this reviewer’s opinion, “X” is the most enjoyable song from Total Nihilism. Although it is not the strongest track, the driving synth beats make for a psychotic dance floor track. Most of the album may induce more headbanging rather than dancing, so having a definitive dance track such as “X” will sate those with sore necks and bloody noses from moshing.

Overall, this is the most intense release in the industrial genre in years and may contend as the best release from a new band. As the industrial scene continues to conjure up new genres every day, it’s refreshing to hear a musical concoction that actually worked. As long as Nitro/Noise maintains intensity and creativity through dance and death metal, then the band will be around a long time.
Track list:

  1. Killer Fuelled Machine
  2. Synchronized Beat Fuck
  3. Built for War
  4. Genesis
  5. X
  6. No-one Shall Return
  7. Armies in the Fire
  8. The Drill
  9. Menschmaschine
  10. Drowning
  11. Warcry
  12. Synchronized Beat Fuck (Brainfuck Remix by Combichrist)
  13. Built for War (Nachtmahr Remix)
  14. No-one Shall Return (SAM Remix)

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