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Never a Hero - Bleed Between the LiesNever a Hero
Category: Electro / Alternative Rock
Album: Bleed Between the Lies
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Smoothly administered measures of metal, hints of gothic melancholy, and the unexpected dubstep mixer that make for an overwhelming cocktail of energies and emotions.


British Never a Hero took a long while before unleashing upon the audience the fury of the confident and powerful debut, but it was time well spent. The fruit of the band’s patience presents itself in the form of expertly realized material that embraces the band’s metal affiliations but sends them into territories both exciting and unpredictable. It’s a mash-up of styles firmly grounded in the past decade of the genre’s evolution but subtly tweaking its foundations.

The brisk entanglement in the opening “Read Between the Lines” betrays the direction of Never a Hero’s first album without spoiling the depth of its content. The beeps of playfully applied electronica and whizz of distortions merge with the harsh, blunt dominance of acoustic instruments in a fully realized teaser that tantalizes as much as it sets the tone for the undeniable brilliance of following “Burning Skies.” Where rap and hardcore influenced the shifts in style throughout the ‘90s, Bleed Between the Lies with equal consideration toys with the reverberating rhythms of dubstep and the haunting tones of gothic alternative. On “Hollow,” scattered bass lines reinvigorate the composition between each of the spiking choruses without ever dissociating the two creative fluxes. Pride and accomplishment come in fact from the way that band crosses the threshold between the old and the new, acoustic and electro, back and forth, while preserving the necessary mainstays of the convention – loud, powerful guitar solos, lush orchestral inserts, and melodramatic vocals. Tracks like “Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Too,” “The Call,” and “Vogue” take pride in bold, powerful leads that emphasize the crisp production and raw verve of both the arrangement and shifting timbre of Phrixux’ voice. The gentler, majestic atmosphere of “Stalked” and “Dreamcatcher” fills the remaining part of the album, evenly diversifying the experience with piano driven lines that help shift the appeal of Never a Hero from head-on force to considerate metal melancholy.

While the entire endeavor could be easily dismissed as a futile attempt in resurrecting nu-metal techniques, Bleed Between the Lies sounds fresh and exciting because it assimilates new contemporary traits with the same effortless brilliance with which it manages to echo the rage and the romanticism of the genre. Without ruining the efficiently running mechanism, Never a Hero puts together an energetic, youthful, and hugely enjoyable record that aspires beyond the obvious limitations of punk and gothic rock and successfully entertains.
Track list:

  1. Read Between the Lines
  2. Burning Skies
  3. Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Too
  4. The Call
  5. Screams of Silence
  6. Days of Patience
  7. Vogue
  8. Between
  9. Untouchable
  10. Dreamcatcher
  11. Hollow and the Crow
  12. Sunbeam
  13. Stalked
  14. Bleed Between the Lies

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Damian Glowinkowski (DamienG)

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