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Netherworld - Over the SummitNetherworld
Category: Ambient
Album: Over the Summit
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Alessandro Tedeschi continues to find inspirational expressions of icy emptiness.


As the recording artist behind Netherworld as well as the owner and founder of the Glacial Movements label, Alessandro Tedeschi’s raison d’etre is what he terms “glacial ambient:” a subgenre of ambient music drawing its inspiration from the cold, empty expanses of the world’s polar regions. One might think that such a specific devotion to such a seemingly featureless landscape would result in similarly featureless music, but Over the Summit proves just the opposite. Evocative of barren wastes and frigid nights, Netherworld’s newest album is nonetheless full of subtle variations and details. From the almost soporific metallic washes of its title track to immense wind chime effects of “Iceblink” to the eerie, lonely tones of “Iperborea,” Over the Summit is like the glacier itself: at first a vast, featureless expense, but one that reveals and more and more fascinating detail the closer one looks. In tone, it’s largely as lonely as one would expect, with only a bit of muffled radio speech emerging from the thickness of “Crystallized Words” to indicate a human presence, but it’s gorgeous as well with “Aurora Performs Its Last Show” in particular building from static and fuzz into an almost orchestral evocation. It’s not what you’d call “warm,” of course, but Over the Summit is nonetheless a work of unexpected emotion and quiet power.
Track list:

  1. Over the Summit
  2. Aurora Performs Its Last Show
  3. Iceblink (Aurora Borealis Mix)
  4. Crystallized Words
  5. Thoughts Locked in the Ice
  6. Iperborea

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