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Neonrain - ...Of the DeadNeonrain
Category: Experimental / Industrial
Album: …Of the Dead
Stars: 1.5
Blurb: An army of electronic musings paying homage to George A. Romero’s classic zombie film franchise that misses its mark due to overwhelming monotony.


“They’re coming to get you Barbara!” Neonrain is coming to get you to play their album …Of the Dead for you that is, and this one is no easy listen. At a whopping three discs long and with some tracks equaling past 10 minutes, this one drags on horrendously even at its beginning. Vocal samples ripped from Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead line many of the tracks as you are swept into the movie by this fantasy musical score. Disc one is titled A Night and details much of the horror of the first film but with a few ambient industrial beats and pianos with sprinkles of vocal samples in certain places to help guide the listener. Starting with “They’re Coming for You,” disc one drags on for a tremendous time with a piano melody played throughout for far too long that most will be drowned by the time the electronics kick in halfway through the track. Unfortunately, “We Have to Work Together” and “Civil Defense Authorities” suffer from the same monotonous problem and at eight to 10 minutes each track being the constant, barely changing droning becomes almost unbearable.

By the end of disc one most will be weary if they made it through the entire disc at all, but if they did, disc two, titled A Dawn, awaits them. A Dawn begins in a similar manner to the first disc, except rather than pianos, you get flutters that sound almost as if helicopter blades are spinning in your ear that ultimately gets joined by vocal samples and eerie pads on “The People It Kills, Get Up and Kill.” Further into the theme, “We Must Stop the Killing… Or Lose the War,” which actually resembles a dark ambient track, breaks a bit of the dragging with its electronics and ambient noise mixed in with light airy pads. “They Must be Destroy on Sight” lets synths find their way into this maze of heavy wind sounds and siren like backing noise and though the synths bounce in and out, they are a welcome distraction from the other tracks. “Entertain! Now!” stands out from the pack by being unnervingly up-tempo and having a very happy aesthetic that hides demented intentions in its organs and light drums. When disc two ends with “They Know We’re Here,” dark and heavy electronics take over and sound like or could very well be heavily distorted guitar that runs across your ears as if it were nails across skin.

The final disc, titled A Day, brings more electronics with a hypnotizing laser like buzz and bass line that creeps up on you in “Is Anyone There?;” easily the best intro of the three discs. “They Rise” keeps things going and sounds like its namesake as the drums and fuzzy synths create a feeling of general despair as if the dead were truly rising. The clanking and clicks of a factory can be heard in “More & More Every Day” matching with deep bass that projects a sense of watching robots work in an assembly line to make more robots, but to stick with the theme, the song gives the feeling of zombies biting more people to create more zombies in a delightfully industrial way. “Cauterize,” “Escape,” and “Here They Come” bring something different to Neonrain’s trilogy in a dark electro way with danceable drums and catchy bass lines; most will want to skip directly to these tracks as they are the only tracks of their kind on the entire project.

…Of the Dead is certainly ambitious and creative if nothing else, but neither of those things can save it from being a drudge of a project either. As a companion piece to Romero zombie movies, some tracks fit, some tracks don’t, and in some places, the overall feel of the album is lost among a sea of monotonous repetition that kills any attempt to enjoy the track. The idea is there for Neonrain; however, the execution is severely lacking and you will only want to pick this one up if you’re a glutton for punishment.
Track list:
Disc 1: A Night

  1. They’re Coming for You
  2. We Have to Work Together
  3. Civil Defense Authorities
  4. A Shot in the Head, a Heavy Blow to the Skull
  5. The Cellar is the Safest Place
  6. Good Shot

Disc 2: A Dawn

  1. The People It Kills, Get Up and Kill!
  2. We Must Stop the Killing… Or Lose the War
  3. They Must be Destroy on Sight!
  4. The Mall
  5. Entertain! Now!
  6. We Got to Remain Rational
  7. They Know We’re Here

Disc 3: A Day

  1. Is Anyone There?
  2. They Rise
  3. More & More Every Day
  4. The Cattle
  5. The Hunters & the Preys
  6. Who’s In Command?
  7. Doctor Logan & Major Cooper
  8. Entroducing Bub
  9. Cauterize
  10. A Sacrifice
  11. Here They Come
  12. The Preys & the Hun

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