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Neon Insect - GlitchesNeon Insect
Category: Electro / Ambient / Experimental
Album: Glitches
Blurb: Stepping away from video game soundtracks, Neon Insect delivers an excellent and diverse blend of styles that is appropriately glitchy.


Neon Insect is the latest project of Nils Sinatsch, formerly of industrial act Eternal Nightmare and more recently as a composer for video games. Hailing from Germany, Sinatsch has also remixed Leæther Strip and The Eternal Afflict. After releasing his soundtrack for the online MMO Abatron, we are now given the album Glitches, which shows both his ability to create atmospheric soundscapes with stomping dance beats, as well as, appropriately, glitch inspired tracks.

The album tends to migrate between styles with each track, from industrial sounding tracks reminiscent of Rabies and Too Dark Park era Skinny Puppy to harder hitting darker electro interspersed with ambient breaks. These ambient breaks help the album flow incredibly well, creating moods and atmospheres that amplify and support the more traditionally structured song. The appearance of Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip and Twill Distilled as guest vocalists on “L.L.t.Q.” and “To the Moon and Back,” respectively, shows a keen insight on making quality tracks and utilizing the best available tools. Indeed, these tracks are the definite highlights of the album. That is not to say that Sinatsch’s own vocals aren’t excellent – the track “I.D.C.” shows that he has both the ability and the awareness of how to use his voice for maximum effect.

Musically, there is a lot going on in these songs – lots of quality synth sounds, interesting percussion, and excellent accents without ever becoming too much or becoming cluttered. Overall, Glitches is a highly creative album that will be welcomed into this writer’s collection.
Track list:

  1. Thoughtcrimes
  2. L.L.t.Q. (feat. Leæther Strip)
  3. Sneaky
  4. The Council [Enlia Remix]
  5. To the Moon and Back (feat. Twill Distilled)
  6. Grey Hat
  7. I.D.C.
  8. Sneaky [Ambient]

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