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Necro Facility - Wintermute
Necro Facility
Category: Industrial
Album: Wintermute
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: With a balance of dark and light, industrial and pop, Necro Facility’s Wintermute is study in contrast and balance.


The third release from Sweden’s Necro Facility, Wintermute is an album that combines standard electronic and industrial elements with a surprising melodic twist. Complex layers of harmonies, effects, and rhythms deftly back vocals that range from pop sweetness to agonizing screams. It is a balancing act that the men behind the music, Oscar Holter and Henrik Bäckström, are apparently more than ready for.

You know you’ve found something different after only the first few notes of the first track. “You Want It” begins with a slow, steady drum beat and gentle tune. Then it gets intense. The aggressive, shrieking vocals are typical of modern industrial music, and when you begin to think this is just another band that features a growling, screaming singer, the more melodic second voice comes in. If Mesh was a total whore and had a bastard child with any random industrial band, it would sound something like Necro Facility. It’s difficult to pick out just a few of the best songs, because they’re all generally comparable. The album starts strong and stays there. “Waiting for the Snow” may be considered the least interesting, but that’s only because it is more focused on the music than lyrics.

Every song on Wintermute is well written and expertly mixed. The pop and industrial foundations combine well, both acting as counterbalances to keep the tunes from falling too far to the warm and sunny or the frigid and dark sides of the spectrum. Even with the strong musical basis, the vocals make this album stand apart.
Track list:

  1. You Want It
  2. Explode
  3. Cuts
  4. Do You Feel the Same
  5. Fall Apart
  6. Waiting for the Snow
  7. Ignite
  8. Skrik
  9. Supposed
  10. All That You Take

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