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MyParasites - ParaLiesMyParasites
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: ParaLies
Stars: 3
Blurb: A confident and assured debut that allows its infatuation with dark electro clichés to overwhelm the unabashed energy and enthusiasm of the execution.


MyParasites is hardly unknown even if ParaLies is the band’s first official release since its conception in 2004. Having successfully completed the Wall Street Massacre tour across US as Angelspit’s support, the band restlessly continues into 2013 arm in arm with Ludovico Technique and the impressive roster of artists headlining this year’s Kinetik Festival. The record itself stands as proof of MyParasites’ aptitude for crowd control but comes just a little short of a truly inspired and original take on the staple industrial frenzy.

The tempo of ParaLies is restless with tracks moving forward at breakneck pace. The beats never slow down setting one, cruelly coherent dynamic and as it is often the case when confronting a live performance of a previously unknown act, those several memorable highlights that you remember through the blur of smoke and alcohol are inevitably watered down by competent but less inspired filler. Among the serviceable EBM craftsmanship that MyParasites execute flawlessly, tracks like “Disease on the Dancefloor” and “ParaNoid” register as genre standards, wrapped in the compulsory irony-free gloom of the lyrics. “Fragile Hearts” moves beyond the generic template with hints of melodic electro shining through the dense wall of distorted vocals and intrusive samples even if the melody lapses strangely, from samples back to the stomping beat, briefly shattering the coherence. At its best, the album embraces those creative impulses allowing a subtle stylistic crossover that proves the band’s pursuit of inspiration outside of the conventions of the scene. Despite the overload of inherent industrial elements, “Emotional Starvation” manages to introduce rhythms reserved for mainstream club electronica – a welcomed occurrence that is reintroduced on the final track of the record. Compulsory remix efforts consist of two acceptable offerings that extend the brief running time of the original material. Psyclon Nine adds its signature threatening intensity unleashed through the blare of the beat while Caustic’s Matt Fanale puts a gritty distorted spin on “ParaLies.”

The dire cover that evokes the unimaginative horror imagery to an extent maps MyParasite’s generic brand of EBM. Thankfully, this album is not defined by the predictable aggro infused downtime but by the several occasions on which the band excels upon the industrial clichés. It’s a fine debut that promises more good things to come as the band refines its ideas and distils its style into something a tad more unique. Charisma and talent are on display throughout ParaLies, validating the band’s prominent scenic presence and setting solid foundations for artistic growth.
Track list:

  1. Emotional Starvation
  2. Fragile Hearts
  3. Metal Veins
  4. ParaNoid
  5. Disease on the Dancefloor
  6. Hypnosis
  7. Manipulator
  8. ParaLies
  9. Fragile Hearts (Psyclon Nine Remix)
  10. ParaLies (Caustic Remix)

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