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A Murder of Angels - Before Your EyesA Murder of Angels
Category: Damnbient / Noise / Industrial
Album: Before Your Eyes
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Guiding the listener on a journey through the dark psychological terrors of one’s own mind, A Murder of Angels makes a haunting return after more than a decade.


While Derek Rush and Bryin Dall have been busy making music, both in their own respective projects as well as together in Dream into Dust, it has been over a decade since the duo last released a full album as A Murder of Angels. Virtually devoid of melody and focused primarily on the exploration of what the group terms as “damnbient,” A Murder of Angels brings to the fore all of the hellish atmosphere that pervades throughout the pair’s music. Before Your Eyes marks the group’s first full-length release since 2002, a soundtrack of nightmarish audio exploration that is sure to transport the listener to disturbing and uncomfortable psychological realms.

While dark ambient music has a tendency to be rather monotonous and by its very nature atonal to the point that distinguishing the noise of one track from another becomes almost impossible, A Murder of Angels does well to infuse each track with a specific focus. For instance, “Exhaling Translucent Thoughts” begins with a skittering electronic refrain akin to insects or the tittering of rats in the walls, the electronics then taking on a breathy quality as the faint melodious cry of a violin calls out. “Enchanted Swamp Awakening” begins with a stutter of what would be for any other artist the start of an industrialized bass line, but the ghostly and oddly metallic howls gradually pull the listener into a cavernous expanse wherein a distant choir enters to close the track out. Then you have the almost submarine bellows of “But It Still Breathes,” the almost agonized ululations of some strange creature amid a cloudy ambience that eventually deteriorates into an dissonant bass progression on “Scarred by Jagged Whispers,” or the undulating theremin-like sound amid the faint hums of shrieking strings, eventually revealing a rhythmic passage amid guttural demonic whispers in “Folding the Fabric of Time.” Also notable is “They Only Eat Themselves” as a rhythm like a manipulated sonar ping underscores a gyrating electronic grunt that soon decays into a swirling ambient quiet.

As A Murder of Angels draws on everything from neoclassical to dark ambient to create its sound, drawing comparisons to the likes of Lustmord or Raison D’Etre, there are the faintest indications of melody and rhythm that wax and wane throughout Before Your Eyes. As if to provide the listener with some small semblance of hope amid the darkness, these moments are but mere glimpses back as each track gradually envelops the listener into the unfamiliar terrors that lie in the recesses of one’s mind. Clearly, A Murder of Angels hasn’t lost its touch after 11 years as Before Your Eyes acts as a marvelous audio journey through the dark corners at the edge of the mind.
Track list:

  1. Wading Through Floating Children
  2. Enchanted Swamp Awakening
  3. But It Still Breathes
  4. Exhaling Translucent Thoughts
  5. Damaging the Hidden Light
  6. Scarred by Jagged Whispers
  7. Folding the Fabric of Time
  8. Rescuing Dew from a Dying Cloud
  9. They Only Eat Themselves
  10. To Watch the Knowledge Dance

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